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The irony that Developing South suffers from such extreme heat waves yet has no comprehensive infrastructure for solar & renewable energy. Concentration of "clean" IP technology in a few countries is once again a defining agenda of the current green industrial investment twitter.com/pawanjangra1198/st

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.@Jayati1609 highlights the vicious circle between spiralling wealth & corporate political influence.

"Even in societies increasingly inured to extreme inequality, the latest @Oxfam report has the capacity to shock."


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Only at Davos: Stephan Bancel, a multi-billionaire, whose company, @moderna_tx, is making $1000 a second from their monopoly on a vaccine that was publicly funded, says he does not believe that sharing his technology with the WHO 'is a priority right now'.

Never in our lifetimes have the rich got richer and poor got poorer at such a dramatic rate

5 mega stats about inequality. out today. by @Oxfam

1⃣ The pandemic creates new billionaire *every 30 hours* — now a million people could fall into extreme poverty *at same rate* in 2022 twitter.com/CNN/status/1528594

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There’s more to democracy than holding regular elections. What happens between elections is as important as what happens in elections: Zoya Hasan - The Federal thefederal.com/news/decline-is

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The US is now the worst culprit in financial secrecy according to @TaxJusticeNet launched today. How do we change this? By leading by example: creating comprehensive and transparent asset registries would push other economies to do the same, says @icrict @gabriel_zucman

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"The power associated with such great wealth, to influence governments to design regulatory and fiscal policies in favour of the rich and large corporations, is one reason why inequalities just keep on increasing" ⁦@Jayati1609⁩ ⁦@socialeurope⁩ socialeurope.eu/control-the-va

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"There is a direct link to the causing so much havoc across the world, especially among already-poor populations—driven as this is much more by by large companies and financial than by supply shortages" @Jayati1609⬇️


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This is important information that explains how the US government confiscation of $7 billion of international reserves belonging to the Central Bank of Afghanistan has accelerated economic crisis and therefore hunger and starvation there. This must be reversed. twitter.com/UnfreezeAfghan/sta

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Honoured ti chair the @WHO Council on the Economics of health for All! This video makes me think all academic work should have a 1 min video! twitter.com/mazzucatom/status/

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Here's a Q&A I did w Ian Tucker. It's not "too late," but we can no longer reasonably expect the people in charge to do the right thing. We have to make them do the right thing.

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I will speak at 's Strategic Roundtable on Tuesday as Chair of the @WHO Council on the .

The Council asks - what would the economy look like if health for all was the goal?

24 May - Palais, Salle XXVI
Watch: 13:00 CET @WHO or bit.ly/3NwfwQb

Lovely review by @nehmatks of what is clearly a remarkable, must-have book by @seemay.

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65-year-old Mr. Jain was beaten and killed “on suspicion of being a Muslim.” To be Muslim in India is now enough of a justification to be beaten to death. We are told he dint protest enough and prove that he wasn’t one. Tomorrow they will charge his dead body with negligence.

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Hello world. This is where India is. A mentally ill man was beaten to death on ‘suspicion of being Muslim’. You heard that right twitter.com/ndtv/status/152791

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Tornadoes in Germany, extreme heat in Spain. Our climate is so clearly in chaos.

We have to make governments respond, they aren't doing it themselves.

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Politicians and the media who have played down, denied and buried the reality of climate change, for fear the super rich will have to pay to fix it, must be held accountable as this year's disasters reveal the reality we are all facing

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Asking banks and hedge funds to take part in debt cancellation isn't working (and will never work). G7 need to make banks comply through supporting default and passing legislation in the UK and New York twitter.com/tim_jones6/status/

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