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'Some in super yachts and most clinging to drifting debris' is not acceptable. We must end this obscene inequality and reboot the post covid world in a fundamentally different way! @Oxfam @AminaJMohammed @Winnie_Byanyima @Jayati1609 @arjun_jayadev twitter.com/OxfamIndia/status/

This is going to be an interesting discussion: how do we reverse decades of unilateral, paternalistic, top-down approaches to globalization? With @dambisamoyo @yanisvaroufakis Ambroise Fayolle and myself, moderated by @Jo_Coburn. Register here:

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On January 29, @Jayati1609 of @UMassAmherst will be discussing at our virtual session at The . Register for free at the link! @Davos @wef bit.ly/3671CAL

Here's an important voice of reason from @pisaniferry especially directed to rich countries: think globally in your own self-interest. Fund Covax properly. And I would add, stop the vaccine grab, and suspend patents on Covid-19 vaccines and drugs! project-syndicate.org/commenta

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I'm very excited to be moderating the opening session of @PMACONFERENCE with a stellar panel Dr. Margaret Chan former DG @WHO @richardhorton1 @DrTomFrieden @GaviSeth @Jayati1609 Thai Min of Health this Friday 29th Jan Register for session here pmac2021.com/session/detail/29

Join this meeting to learn about the real state of the Indian economy today.
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💡💉🦠Ready for the start of PMAC 2021?

Opening remarks from @DrTedros followed by a panel featuring some of the most prominent voices in global health today, incl. @richardhorton1 @baumfran, @Jayati1609 and @DrTomFrieden, among others!

🗓 29th Jan, 2021
⏰ 7-8.30 PM (GMT+7)

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For further context, we recommend - @Jayati1609 reviews Mission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism by @MazzucatoM on @nature : nature.com/articles/d41586-021

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Today as we release our report The , it is also important to take a step back to see our response during the worst months of 2020.

Thank you for your support. Keep supporting us to


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Don’t miss the @EIB’s Ambroise Fayolle, @dambisamoyo, @Jayati1609, and @yanisvaroufakis discussing at our virtual The session on January 29! Register at the link. @Davos @wef bit.ly/3ohHceC

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How can @JoeBiden prevent a revival of Trumpism at home and restore the United States’ standing with its partners and allies? ft. @Jayati1609, @DrDaronAcemoglu, @Joe_Nye, and more. bit.ly/2NkH9C3

This is shocking, and deserves to be put among crimes against humanity.
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Oxford University was going to open source its vaccine, then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation stepped in and convinced them to sell exclusive rights to AstraZeneca.

Now AstraZeneca is failing to deliver and poor countries are struggling to access vaccines.

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There are really only two numbers to look out for in the forthcoming budget: how much did the government claim to have spent in 2020-21, and how much does it intend to spend in 2021-22. | @Jayati1609


Join us for a discussion on and past, present and future of economics, from a pluralist perspective. You can register at
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Today! New post in the @miami_institute's economics forum, by economist Grieve Chelwa (@gchelwa) who will be leading a virtual discussion among the forum authors on Wednesday,…

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Please join the Webinar “Why is the State afraid of Sudha Bharadwaj?” accompanied with the release of the book titled, ‘SUDHA BHARADWAJ SPEAKS : A Life in Law and Activism’ on 24th January 2021 at 11 am.

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"During the HIV pandemic, intellectual property rules [ resulted in millions of needless deaths. We must not let history repeat itself. Pharmaceutical companies are receiving substantial amounts of taxpayer funding. They must share intellectual property."


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Mink in high-income countries may get Covid shots.

Can we try harder to get them to humans in low & middle-income countries?

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Contrast with India, where the government (and many state govts) took the pandemic as a crisis that presents opportunity to:

1. allow longer working hours

2. suspend all labour laws(repealed only due to legal challenges)

3. no state support in the face of massive job losses twitter.com/telesurenglish/sta

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Save the Date! Wed., Jan. 27th, 10-11:15 am EST! Closing the @miami_institute's current forum on economics, please join us for a virtual discussion on the field of economics among forum authors, to be led by forthcoming forum contributor @gchelwa! Links to essays in 🧵:

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Many have neither the time nor energy to read @PikettyLeMonde's sprawling classic. This summary by @WaldenBello is motivated by the belief that his work cannot be left to specialists since his insights are useful in activist efforts to transform society. focusweb.org/publications/read

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