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The @OECDtax is accused of being too concerned with defending the interests of developed countries:“Developing countries may be at the table but their job is to shut up and listen,” said @icrict commissioner Jayati Ghosh. at a @TaxJusticeNet conference,

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While CAB discriminates on religious lines, the tanking economy will not discriminate. All of us will sink or sail in the same ship

“This is a residential area, so they lock us in because the residents believe it is safer if migrants like us from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are locked up” say friends of the workers who died in the Anaj Mandi fire. Devastating report from @anumayhem

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From women to Dalits to Muslims, Hindu nationalism is failing huge swaths of India's population, laments @Jayati1609 of @JNU_IN bit.ly/2t7uGrz

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Yes and we are closer to national disintegration than ever before . The country is burning, the economy in crisis . Women, minorities, dalits, farmers, teachers, students, govt employees, small bsnesses protesting. When will hindus in whose name this is done wake up? twitter.com/nehadixit123/statu

This misses the point that the NSS survey shows rising urban consumption and falling rural consumption, compatible with some increases in industrial output. @JustinSandefur@twitter.activitypub.actor
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Has consumption really fallen in India? Felman, @JustinSandefur, @arvindsubraman & Duggan argue:

Consumption in India was likel…

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Hang your heads in shame, those parliamentarians who supported this atrocious law. It is discriminatory, of course, but it is also a monstrous fraud since its supposed 'humanitariarism' towards the religiously persecuted comes with a cut-off date, of 2014! thewire.in/government/rajya-sa

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Normalcy is spreading beyond Kashmir.

Desperation of JNU administration evident in these attempts to instigate violence. A VC who refuses to meet teachers and students trying to intimidate by proxy violence. They want this campus to burn, but we will not allow it.
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The JNUSU appeals to the students to remain united and unfazed by these brutal tactics of the Admin-ABVP. We also appeal to the larger public to in…

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First, they caused turmoil in a sensitive border state like Kashmir. Now, our north-eastern states, which are equally sensitive, have been sent into violent protests due to BJP govt's Hindutva majoritarian ideological project. twitter.com/ani_digital/status

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@Jayati1609 on whether the international tax reform at @OECDtax Inclusive Framework will deliver positive outcome for developing countries "it's like a kitten playing with a piece of string, we have to be the kitten that grabs the string despite attempts to move it out of reach"

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@icrict Commissioner @Jayati1609: Current multinational tax rules & OECD negotiations are very much a colonial pattern of exploitation refined for the 21st century.

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There is a lot to read about how international taxation rulemaking isn’t working towards equity, reminds us @toddntucker and 4 @icrict commissioners @gabriel_zucman @JosephEStiglitz @Jayati1609 and Valpy FitzGerald write about it!

Scholarly assessment of the suppressed NSSO Consumption Survey by S Subramanian finds deterioration of welfare in the rural areas, a slowing-down of improvement in the urban areas, and significant likely increases in rural poverty.

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Absolutely excellent piece by Jadumani Mahanand, a PhD scholar in JNU! A must read! Filled with pride and admiration, at the courage and clarity of JNU's students. JNU and the Ambedkarite idea of public education caravanmagazine.in/education/j via @thecaravanindia

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What is common between all various Nazi ideologues? Unlimited hate for a race or a community. Hate always leads to a wrong direction. It is not surprising that
India is also taking a wrong turn.


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« If multinationals — and the super-rich — do not pay their fair share of taxes, governments cannot invest in providing services to citizens», says @icrict Commissioner @Magda_Sepul on this . Via @dailymavrick

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This month, a 23-year-old Indian woman who reported being gang-raped last year was set on fire while heading to a court hearing. The case sparked outrage, but it was hardly an anomalous occurrence, writes @Jayati1609 of @JNU_IN bit.ly/2t7uGrz

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