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"The ILO survey found that on freelance platforms...workers in developing countries earned on average 60% less than those in developed countries, even after controlling for...age and education and the types of tasks performed." - @Jayati1609


My take for @ProSyn on @ilo's excellent new Report on digital labour platforms and their implications. Use this link for access to this article and move on to other excellent commentaries.

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Join us for our 4/14 roundtable on "Decolonizing Vaccines"-- we'll be speaking with our excellent panel, @merlinc2 @Jayati1609 and @feyero, about the history of vaccination in relation to today.
Register here:

The criminal irresponsibility of political leaders allowing massive Hindu congregations during the worst phase of the pandemic highlighted in this sharp piece by @jahnavi_sen.

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The reference to by the does not appreciate the fundamental importance of trade and a fair global trading environment. Instead, SDGs refer to the , a biased system, institutionally rigged against the , writes Kunibert Raffer.

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"Si la presión de Biden es fuerte, @Jayati1609 de @icrict cree que las reglas del juego cambiarán: “Gobiernos y ciudadanos de todo el mundo tienen mucho que ganar, y no se debe permitir que el poder de algunas grandes corporaciones lo impida”." @el_pais

Such an important paper looking at data from 79 countries, showing how @IMFNews continues to impose austerity on poor countries, with different standards for rich countries.
@KevinPGallagher bu.edu/gdp/2021/04/02/poverty-

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At event @DrTedros says if the major countries agree 2 solve vaccine equity they can do it. They have everything to do it. Calls out TRIPS waiver as elephant in the room. "Mother of all bottlenecks is lack of political will & weak global solidarity."

It's really important to get a strong progressive voice on debt and human rights as @IEfinanceHRs to carry on the excellent work done by Yuefen Li. Applications open until 11 May.

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Supply bottlenecks and shrtages are emerging in the process in the poorer countries of the world. it needn't have been so if patents had been waived in this health crisis. Read @Jayati1609 on vaccine nationalism and more. theindiaforum.in/article/polit @TheIndiaForum

What a lovely piece, with its "photos full of sounds".
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This series by Jaisingh Nageswaran is stunning, as is the writing that accompanies it by @rumlolarum for @TheWhiteReview. A pleasure to publish this, and to share in such tenderness and care.


A whole set of useful options in this important piece, for unused SDRs that surplus countries could deploy - including to restructure debt owed to private creditors.
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Our oped on options for SDR reallocation no longer behind paywall! @JoseA_Ocampo @Jayati1609 @DanielaGabor @adam_tooze @MarkWPlant @sobel_mark @BrettonWoodsCom @brettonwoodspr reuters.com/article/us-imf-sdr

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“We want multinationals to pay their fair share, but that also needs to happen everywhere, not just in the US,” said @FaccioTommaso , head of secretariat at @icrict. ft.com/content/b358ebca-4097-4

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Thrilled to host @andybliu to talk about the history of captialism in India and China in a joint session of the @UMassEcon History and Development Workshop organized by @Jayati1609 + the Political Economy Workshop. Register and join us! eventbrite.com/e/tea-war-a-his

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New w/ @JoseA_Ocampo in @Breakingviews: how countries can make the most of a new allocation of IMF Special Drawing Rights & channel them to countries most in need. Highlights below:
@BrettonWoodsCom @brettonwoodspr @andrea_shalal
@UliVolz @BUPardeeSchool

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The offer only empty words as the richest banks on earth continue to bleed countries of the global South during . Even debt relief will continue to be diverted into corporate coffers. Keep up the pressure. globaljustice.org.uk/news/g20-

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’s transformation, from being the hub of the world to being a global hub for R&D and innovation, poses a challenge that attracts adverse attention from the rest of the world, write @cpc01 and @Jayati1609.


This was such an interesting discussion, with many insights from terrific panelists on how both concepts and policy approaches to formalisation need to be changed, with a gender lens.
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Do Formalisation Policies help Women Workers?- Eminent economists in discussion of the book "Informal in the ", edited by @Jayati1609.


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Update, April 2021:


The star-studded Bank-Fund spring meetings kick off today, so our new CGD note tries to peel away the hype and look at some numbers.


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