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Jayati Ghosh: Are Global Trade Patterns responsible for crises in Low and Middle Income countries?
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The Bretton Woods institutions “no longer serve the purpose in the 21st century that they served in the 20th century.” @miaamormottley and other leaders call for an overhaul of the IMF & World Bank.
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As @bankofengland raised rates today and ahead of tomorrow's budget based on inequality economics, here is fun stat for you☝️:

Over the next 1-5 years the Bank will have made b/w £25bn and £155bn in income transfer to banks😖.

Majority will go straight into banks bottom line.

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The Right to Food Campaign is extremely concerned and anguished with the continued violation of MGNREGA across the country. MGNREGA is being implemented in a manner that is contrary to its spirit. @roadscholarz @nikhilmkss @mkssindia @Jayati1609 @rajendran_naray @samalochana

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We eagerly join the growing ranks of Global South governments and civil society all over the world in their call for a UN Tax Convention that addresses the unjust tax and debt relations between developing countries and the developed.

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'The global economic impact of this pandemic was already immense, dwarfing anything experienced in living memory.' @Jayati1609 talks about the catastrophic effects on the global trade and finance in the aftermath of the pandemic in

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Global South nations shd band together 2ask relief while int’l comm must jointly assist countries facing climate catastrophes &place the world’s well-being ahead of fossil fuels &profit. Collapse of civilisations - Newspaper - DAWN.COM dawn.com/news/1711542

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A windfall tax on giants “is a no brainer” in the current crisis, @Jayati1609 tells me. Catch the rest of our interview on taxation and inequality: f24.my/8uhP @icrict @France24_en

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[email protected] from @NewStatesman is joined by some of the book authors: @SDDecleve,@Jayati1609 & Jorgen Randers looking at the results of the two-year initiative on how we can achieve wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries. Listen: pod.fo/e/141e13

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Why should the latest defeat of Greece’s parliamentary democracy matter to you? Because, my dear reader, you should never underestimate Greece’s capacity to be the harbinger of terrible developments that will come to your shores before you know it. unherd.com/2022/09/a-greek-wat

As more and more "emerging markets" get submerged in debt crises, it's worth noting the historical (and colonial) roots of the problem and how they are playing out even today. A useful and illuminating set of resources from @debtjustice available here.

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From colonial powers forcing countries into debt from independence, to corporations today like @BlackRock making huge profits from debt repayments - we can’t fight this debt crisis without understanding its roots in racism.


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‘Pfizer have made £38bn from the vaccine - £1000 a second. They keep the price high and people die. Isn’t there a middle ground between making profit and people surviving?’ @Winnie_Byanyima @peoplesvaccine

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"The U.S. military is this globe’s largest institutional consumer of petroleum fuels. It produces greenhouse gas emissions equal to about 60 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually."

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my new piece in @BostonReview

summary: if industrial policy is layered on top of neoliberal corporate governance --> we still have to deal with the neoliberal corp gov part

or--> same old corporate extraction will occur


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Listen to @icrict @LEONCENDIKUMANA about the @OECDtax inclusive framework: "In reality, rich countries, which own the multinationals, set the global tax rules, and the multinationals, through lobbying, set the rich countries' agenda"

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All in under one minute: Trickle down economics brilliantly explained, by the @Exploding_Heads

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Here's the ECB's Isabel Schnabel directly acknowledging that the rise in inflation has been driven by energy prices and broken supply chains, which the ECB can do nothing about by hiking rates. Still, the ECB is now committed to deepening the recession to push down incomes/wages.

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I am not “fighting” cancer, because it is not a war. I am not “surviving” it, at least no more than every human alive is “surviving” life, the only certainty of which is death....

What a lovely piece. Get well soonest @pallaviaiyar

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