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In Delhi, protests continue over the alleged gang rape, murder, and forced cremation of a nine-year-old girl. In 2019, @Jayati1609 lamented the descent of the world's most populous democracy into irrationality, xenophobia, and violence. bit.ly/3fwcrRC

Sad, scary, depressing - and true.
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Thread: On upcoming : the report will map out the impacts. Global North Countries of alll hues and civil society will scream loud. It will mostly be for optics before the negotiations this year at summit

☀ @UNCTAD's summer school is in session this week, and it's not over yet ☀

We have a stellar closing day lined up to discuss new and critical ways of thinking about the economy and development.

Follow the 7 Aug discussion at 2:30pm (CEST). More 👉 unctad.org/meeting/unctad-ysi-

Looking forward to this discussion at @ysi_commons summer school with @UNCTAD with some of the most isightful economists around.

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While we talk about third doses here, the whole African continent has only vaccinated 1.6% of its population. It can't be said enough: this is both wrong and stupid. Covax has failed. We need a now. devex.com/news/africa-not-on-t

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Each booster is a dose that could instead go to LMICs. But “instead of vaccinating the world & cutting off variants, rich countries seem prepared to fork over more $, and live in a state of endless fear.”
H/t @GYamey @nickdearden75 @ElsTorreele

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"It's not even a worship of market. It's a worship of big capital. ... They are against more competition in creating these vaccines." With @Jayati1609 and @WallachLori

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"Certain governments are standing behind pharma companies at the expense of everyone in the world." With @Jayati1609 and @WallachLori

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"If in the face of this crisis the WTO can't get the out of the way, then what is the point of that organization? It really has to go." With @Jayati1609 and @WallachLori

A new agency for writers, with the excellent Ranjana Sengupta as Consulting Editor! Good news for writers and quality publishers.

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A story of Indian data in four acts:
Act I: hearing of the trouble people were having in accessing routine health services during the first lockdown, I looked up National Health Mission (NHM) Health Management Information System (HMIS) data and wrote this livemint.com/news/india/how-co

Important thread that highlights continuing pervasive disparities and the unthinking cruelty of the privileged. The point is reaffirmed by insensitive comments below.
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I remember how my school teachers would humiliate kids who didn't do their homework by asking "haven't you eaten today? If you dont forget to eat how did you forget to do the homework?''


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One thing most economists agree on, regardless of their ideological persuasion, is the importance of increases. Yet aggregate productivity may be the most problematic of all economic concepts and full of conceptual holes, writes @Jayati1609.

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We recommend that the government increase the scholarship sum to Rs 10,000 per student.

great work! @chidiya_ @mohiittverma
@BahujanEcon twitter.com/thewire_in/status/

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People are dying as negotiations are delayed - unconscionable, shameful!
Support a to produce enough doses of a twitter.com/msf_access/status/

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Scholarship scheme for SC/ST girls shrouded in mystery, as is the Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) report allegedly invoked to discontinue it. IEG is stalling all requests for the report.

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