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First, @DelhiPolice arrest students. Then fabricate confessions. But duffers that they are, don't realise 'confessions' separately made shouldn't use identical language! These 'confessions' then used to drag in @SitaramYechury @Jayati1609, @Apoorvanand__ thewire.in/rights/delhi-police

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“Individuals whose families have a history of cleaning septic tanks r employed as manual scavengers." “This is the danger of caste. It makes you believe you can do no better & you will do no better. It’s a trap"

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In 2011 the SC ordered CBI to investigate attack on Swami Agnivesh in Sukma and report within 6 months. They submitted a report in 2016 in which they charged some Salwa Judum leaders and SPOs. but CBI never finished its job and with officers like this one can see why twitter.com/mnageswarraoips/st

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JNU people living in Vasant Kunj, Gopalam Uncle (of Lib Canteen, which has been shut since the lockdown) has opened a grocery shop in D6 Vasant Kunj. It specialises in ingredients & snacks from Kerala.
Please show some love & start ordering. They deliver. Details below

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Interesting how in the many obituaries on Swami Agnivesh failed to recall the murderous attack on him when he was in Jharkhand in July 2018. Why is this the case?

Join us on Tuesday morning for a discussion on sustainable development possibilities in post- Covid India and Nepal.
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With @STL_Tech, @phdchamber will host a webinar on: Redefining SDG Enablers for India and Nepal @AbhasKJha @ambmanjeevpuri @BeingNirvana @Jayati1609 @akankshatweets_ @YUGALJOSHI @OmairTAhmad @akhileshU @BishalThapa5 @MEAIndia @MofaNepal @WorldBankSAsia

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Very sad to read this tweet by a serving police officer, flaunting such uncivility & communal bias re Swami Agnivesh, a man far taller & better than he will ever be, just after his passing. That he feels he can display his bigotry so brazenly reflects on those who lead the nation twitter.com/MNageswarRaoIPS/st

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How have we come to a point where such a statement can be made by a Senior IPS officer and the former CBI Chief? What a deeply sad day for our country! twitter.com/MNageswarRaoIPS/st

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“The 24 per cent GDP contraction figure is remarkable not only because of its sheer magnitude, but also because it is higher than the contraction being reported in other countries where the pandemic was severe,” writes C.P Chandrasekhar.


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Whether you agreed with him or not, Swami Agnivesh was a remarkable man who spent his life in the service of people. And he was murdered. By a mob. RIP Sir. I will fondly remember the time you told me that you didn’t care what people ate as long as every person was fed.

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On the day Swami Agnivesh died, a reminder of the incident which cost him his health— Why No Outcry from BJP or TV Anchors When I Was Attacked, Asks This Hindu Sadhu m.thewire.in/article/communali

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We're discussing the economic impact of the recession on children and what we can do to make it better 👇

📆 17 September 2020
🕒 15:00 CEST/9:00 EST

LEARN MORE + REGISTER here: unicef-irc.org/events/covid-19 @SachaNauta @Joelkibazo @ian_goldin @Jayati1609

This is a terrible tragedy for the country to lose someone with his commitment, energy and integrity. He never recovered from the physical attack by rightwing goons two years ago, but we hope his spirit lives on.

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How could the @WorldBank’s index have been so off the mark with regard to and ? asks @Jayati1609. Although conflicts of interest may be partly to blame, the index's biggest problem is its deeply flawed design. bit.ly/32eyWo7

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Incredibly grateful this week to doctors, nurses, medical staff who are helping out elderly non-Covid patients.

Most of the medical profession has been under unimaginable stress, and yet they're calm and thoughtful. I wish we had better ways of thanking all of them. 🏥

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has made a huge difference to workers during the post phase. All the more why important concerns of NREGA workers need Parliament's attention. Watch the Peoples Action for Employment Guarantee press conf of 10th September on you tube : youtube.com/channel/UChvpN7FFy

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It is clear in hindsight that even before the COVID-19 pandemic – when the Centre’s revenues were falling – it had decided to revisit its commitment to compensate the states for shortfalls in GST revenues.


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Shocking stats in new @Oxfam report: 6 months into pandemic: 400 mn jobs lost; 1/2 bn people expected to b pushed into poverty. At same time, 32 of world’s largest companies stand to c their profits jump by $109 billion more in 2020. oxfam.org/node/14173 @itamir77 @NikoLusiani

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