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My birthplace and entire North East India is facing serious flash floods and landslides for the last 5 days. This is climate emergency. Why media are not talking about this? 😔

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*NEW* | The sector, which holds immense potential for generation & a healthier, happier population, suffered a body blow during the .

@Jayati1609 writes.


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Which countries and corporations control the technologies for renewable energy use is going to become a critical question very quickly, say @Jayati1609 &  @cpc01

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At @debtjustice launch party, @Jayati1609 notes the inability of the IMF’s austerity-based policies to resolve the current debt crisis, arguing new approaches are needed - including countries in debt distress working in unison and increased mobilization in the Global North

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"We need transformative strategies immediately"
@Jayati1609 starting off our discussion today.
book launch

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@hidschow First up, the amazing economist @Jayati1609

"The IMF is showing no new ideas, it’s in the same old trap of unproductive conditionality. The same lack of ambition on debt restructuring and ensuring that debt is written off..."

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The Nakba — the mass expulsion of the Palestinian people from their homes when the state of Israel was formed in 1948 — never ended.

Every day, Israel's apartheid regime denies the Palestinian people their freedom and dignity — both in life, and in death.

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Happening later today. Please participate in the Twitter storm and help amplify these hashtags.

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International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems identify "excessive commodity speculation" as one of the key drivers sparking the global food price crisis. Wheat stocks are high and prices are still shooting up.

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The top 1% owns 58% of the total wealth of private individuals in India. Tax the top 1% to ensure universal social and economic rights.

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"For India, the World Inequality Report estimates that the ratio of private wealth to national income increased from 290% in 1980 to 555% in 2020, one of the fastest such increases in the world, throughout history." _ @Jayati1609


UN SG @antonioguterres is echoing the views od thousands of scientists in the IPCC, whose urgent recommendation to stop fossil fuel extraction within a few years was edited out of the Summary for Policy Makers.
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BREAKING: outrage at media blackout of UN Secretary General's statement that the world's biggest carbon emitters must drastically cut emissions starting this year to avert climate catastrophe 🧵

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BREAKING: outrage at media blackout of UN Secretary General's statement that the world's biggest carbon emitters must drastically cut emissions starting this year to avert climate catastrophe 🧵

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“This is not the supported by 100+ govts... WTO member states must urgently deliver a genuine IP waiver that will turn the tide on global vaccine, test + treatment inequality & make a difference in controlling this virus"

- Max Lawson, PVA Co-chair

Kim Stanley Robinson's prescient supposedly science fiction novel "Ministry of the Future" begins with a heat wave in a North Indian town that kills millions of people....
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Without exaggeration, this is probably the most important column you will ever read!

feels like it's on fire. Heatwaves r at the point where temperatures & humidity could cause a vast number of deaths. @rpollard & @davidfickl…

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Some highlights

Offshore real estate in Dubai is big!

About $150 billion, twice as large as real estate held in London by foreign shell companies

Here are the top 20 investing countries: India, neighboring Gulf countries, but also the UK, Russia, the US, France, Germany...

It's a truly challenging task to envisage a new framework for inclusive and effective multilateralism, but I'm honoured and excited to be working with this impressive and diverse group.
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"We see the deep divisions among and within States, but we also see the incredible potential for innovation in times of crisis"

Read the first public statement of the @UN High-Level Advisory Board on Effective


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