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Want to support @zoo_bear? Start by donating to @AltNews. Whatever amount you can.

You know what *they* fear most? Independent voices. Let's do whatever we can to make these voices stronger and louder. WE MUST SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MEDIA. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

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It's time to put your money where your mouth is.

Other organisations you should support:
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The arrest of @zoo_bear is another attempt to intimidate and silence the media. This sort of intimidation should have no place in a democracy. Release @zoo_bear

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The second half of June saw the rupee’s value touching record lows below 78 to the US dollar. But this absolute low should not take away from the long-term decline the has been experiencing, writes @Jayati1609 and @cpc01.

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In solidarity with @zoo_bear, one of the silver linings to Indian journalism in the last few years, despite the immense personal risk to him. Dark day in India in a string of dark days.

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Release Teesta, Sreekumar & others.
Threat to all those who dare question role of State/ govts for their role in communal violence.
This SC verdict questions human rights jurisprudence. In 2004 SC termed Gujarat govt leaders: 'modern day Neros'.

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It's already so incredibly bad, everyone, and this at just 1.3°C of mean global heating. It's all caused by the fossil fuel industry, and it is irreversible. It's time to end fossil fuels

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Deeply concerned by reports of Teesta Setalvad being detained by Anti Terrorism Sqaud of Gujarat police. Teesta is a strong voice against hatred and discrimination. Defending human rights is not a crime. I call for her release and an end to persecution by state.

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11/ Mike Davis gave so much to all of us. What a wonderful life. twitter.com/ajgradilla/status/

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Headline if the US were a third world country: “Impeached Strongman's Unelected Hand-Picked Clerics Launch Offensive Against Women, As Nation’s Ethnic Tensions and Gun Battles Increase Ahead of Elections.”

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Gujarat police followed up the SC judgement on Gujarat killings by arresting the petitioner, Teesta Setalvad. The arrest follows after Amit Sha`s interview to ANI on the events in 2002. Withdraw the false charges, release Teesta.

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“I fear seriously for my life give the animosity of the Gujarat state police” —

Handwritten complaint by @TeestaSetalvad after being illegally detained. The police refused to show any FIR air arrest warrant.

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Important, crucial data and findings - Bottom line being that people in rural India cannot afford diverse diets - nutrition sensitive agri and also increasing access to jobs, incomes, social protection - all important twitter.com/Thirdviewinfo/stat

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@MoRD_GoI introduced an app for attendance of workers at worksite. @samalochana & @laavanyatamang of @LibtechIndia critically highlight the perils of this anti worker move @TheHinduComment @nikhilmkss @PAEG_India @NREGA_Sangharsh @Jayati1609 @rozi_roti @IndiaWpc

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Safe is health care. It saves lives. Restricting it drives women and girls towards unsafe abortions, resulting in complications, even death. The evidence is irrefutable. bit.ly/3CNU7Ne

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There is a real risk that multiple famines will be declared this year - and 2023 could be even worse.

We need strong political and private sector leadership for a coordinated multilateral response.

We cannot accept mass hunger and starvation in the 21st century.

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Biden gingerly calls for gas tax holiday—which will save $3.60 on average for 20 gallon tank—when he could be publicly threatening big oil to yank their $15 BILLION in federal subsidies.

Big oil CEOS would drop prices FAST-but Biden won’t upset his donors

Today, the High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism has launched a global public consultation, seeking original contributions that outline specific recommendations relating to its mandate. Have your voice heard and submit by 12 August: highleveladvisoryboard.org/pub

Great bunch of people to work with, young economists take note!
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We are hiring at CSE! Looking for both postdoctoral fellows and RA. Please spread the word. @econ_ra @BahujanEcon twitter.com/working_india/stat

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"[This] is a technocratic fudge aimed at saving reputations, not lives," said @maxlawsontin, campaigner at @Oxfam, adding that the attitude of rich countries has been "utterly shameful".

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