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Apply soon to come and work with a lively and engaged heterodox economics department: Assistant Professor position in Economics of Race and Ethnicity, Stratification Economics

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Cutting Edge Lecture with Prof. Jayati Ghosh @Jayati1609 on 'Access to Vaccines, Intellectual Property Rights and Pharma Monopolies'. @LSE_ID

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As draws to a close, the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation has released a statement that securing a worldwide commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 will not be possible without a review of the global tax system .

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@chilledasad100 @nickdearden75 @KierraBox @CANIntl @Jayati1609 @angelafrancisuk @TraidcraftDepth @WarOnWant @LizMay12 @jasonhickel The majority of green tech patents are held in developed countries. They profit from selling green products to poorer countries but (as with
vaccines) are resisting sharing the technology. These Intellectual Property rules need to be challenged 8/11

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It is infuriating to see that the world—in the midst of this existential climate emergency—has just deprived itself of precious financial resources by adopting a cheap global agreement on the taxation of multinationals @LEONCENDIKUMANA oped @commondreams

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@IlhanMN "Too many are national in scope. Too many ideas about ‘greening’ are national and personal in scope, and don't recognise global structures that create more injustice, and destroying the possibilities to address the existential challenge of climate."


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Coming up soon!
ENVISIONING A FEMINIST POLICY RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC: A Stakeholder Consultation for Informing Gender Transformative Financing and Budgeting (2022-23)
Register here-

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"changes in the composition of the workforce show that younger people are finding it hard to get work, and are increasingly either actively looking for work or are withdrawing from the labour force altogether." Sharp piece @rosaabraham6 @econanand

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Structural Adjustment returns to Africa while the global North spends trillions.

(Don't get me wrong, I'm supportive of US stimulus but, as @Jayati1609 said to me yesterday this just shows the double standards and how the global South is on its own.)

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@IlhanMN @Jayati1609 "The pain caused by this crisis is self-inflicted. For decades, the US government has subsidised the polluters that are creating climate change, doling out more than $20 billion a year on fossil fuel energy when that money could be spent on alternatives"


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In the latest article for a series on India's prisons, @sukanyashantha details how 'surrendered Naxals' are being illegally detained in Bastar, with the police acting outside of the law. Reported in collaboration with @pulitzercenter. via @thewire_in

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On the continued delays in wage payments in & on the lack of accountability of @BJP4India for the bizarre move to segregate NREGA payments by caste. In today's @the_hindu Urgently need Rs 50,000 cr for NREGA

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Read our new book on in 101 countries - Free download!
"WORLD PROTESTS: A Study of Key Issues in the 21st Century"
with @saraburke1 @tendermoustache

Published by @Palgrave @fesnewyork @Policy_Dialogue


We are back this Friday for a guest lecture with Professor Jayati Ghosh (@Jayati1609) and Kevin Watkins (@Kevin_Watkins_ ), on 'Access to Vaccines, Intellectual Property Rights and Pharma Monopolies'.
Stream from 4pm (UK) via YouTube:

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Our People’s Summit kicks off today!!

We’ve got a huge programme of exciting events, both in-person in Glasgow and digital.

So whether your are in Glasgow, or any other part of the world, we hope you will join us 🌍


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How many times have we heard in our drawing rooms that demonetisation was a noble idea but implemented badly! This from those otherwise critical of the govt. My attempt to answer the question, ‘was notebandi a good idea?’ in @scroll_in today:

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Economics journals' engagement in the planetary emergency: a misallocation of resources? 1/

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Rich countries have long broken their 2009 Copenhagen pledge to mobilize US$100 billion per year by 2020 to address the needs of developing countries. The has worsened the situation and poor countries are struggling to cope.

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The patent for insulin was sold for $1 so it would be available to all.

Insulin in the United States is now the 6th most expensive liquid in the world.

That is the power of Big Pharma's greed when it goes unchallenged. NOW is the time that we finally take them on.

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