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Once it is accepted that economic policies must be put at the service of sustainability, gender equality, and social justice, what follows?

@Jayati1609 on @UN_Women's Feminist Plan for Sustainability and Social Justice.

Must-read piece by the brilliant @AparnaKarthi of @PARInetwork. You will never put salt in your food with the same nonchalance again....

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As pharma CEOs meet for 'Big Pharma Davos', we reveal Pfizer, BioNTech & Moderna are making combined profits of $65,000 EVERY MINUTE.

Less than 1% of each company's doses have gone to the world's poorest countries.

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Thanks to @Jayati1609 for a great piece about @UN_Women's "UN Women have offered us a clear and persuasive blueprint for what can be done. Now the task is to do it" @silkestaab @CTabbush @loui__williams @andyallthetime @sarah_hendriks @unwomenchief

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Rich countries, in particular, have historically made too many empty climate promises. And now they are doing it again at , laments @Jayati1609.

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The tax we lose a year to tax havens is enough to vaccinate the global population against Covid-19 three times over. That’s $483bn lost a year. Find out how much tax your country is losing, according to the State of .

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Found on the internet. Don’t know who to credit.

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FAO policy-makers in UK & abroad: 15 places available to join our Rethinking Capitalism 10-week module running Jan-March 2022. Featuring @MazzucatoM @AntoAndreoni @StephanieKelton @francesca_bria @rainerkattel @Jayati1609 @meadwaj
1st December deadline.

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This is a genuinely staggering failure. And can only mean lives lost in the most preventable ways. Shameful.

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If the jail food isn't "suitable" for former home minister Anil Deshmukh, how come he considered it appropriate for the 37k other incarcerated persons languishing in state prisons?
(Every lawmaker should be sent to jail for a few days to know what life without rights looks like.)

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The first ADB Gender Forum entitled, The Power to Transform: Gender Equality in Asia and the Pacific, will be held on 22-25 November 2021 with the goal of inspiring action on .
[ via @ADB_HQ ]

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"While G7 leaders were issuing underwhelming green commitments at , they were busy allowing and enabling more fossil-fuel investment." -@Jayati1609

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"Feminist economists have long argued that the purpose of an economy is to support the survival and flourishing of life, in all its forms. Now @UN_Women has fleshed out this approach with a Feminist Plan for Sustainability and Social Justice." -@Jayati1609

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Many already regard as a disappointment, but that is a massive understatement, says @Jayati1609. And developed countries' climate hypocrisy deserves much of the blame.

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Most of the "expert" evaluations of the are focussing on the details and forgetting the real big picture. This @ProSyn piece by @Jayati1609 is one of the great exceptions.

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'Dharti Tumhari, Dharti Hamari” is a Hindi adaptation of “This Land is Your Land” written in 1940 by American singer Woody Guthrie (1912-67). Produced by @paranjoygt

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The feminist building-blocks of a just, sustainable economy

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Want to know what *really* happened?

Here's the inside track: they made this up. From scratch. Just made it up.

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Clear pending wages of MGNREGS workers, rights groups tell govt.

@rajendran_naray @mkssindia @nikhilmkss @rozi_roti @james_herenj @NregaWatch @jan_sarokar @PAEG_India @samalochana

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Will the real culprit be held accountable? Who Has The Most Historical Responsibility for Climate Change?

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