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Why travel bans are a bad idea?

- Previously proven to be ineffective

- By the time bans are enacted, virus has already traveled

- Bans punish the good ppl (for their honesty)

- They disincentivize other nations to report a new variant

Remember, it’s not March 2020

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So none of us from 'banned countries' can travel to Geneva for now. We said do not hold an in person meeting, pass Waiver, do not rely on benevolence, share the tech, speed up access- cos variants, timing, variants, timing, variants, timing.

Own goals.

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What happens when you don’t vaccinate the world to stop vaccine apartheid? The virus mutates in unvaccinated regions! It ain’t rocket science! We have been warning about this in the WHO Council on the Economics of Health for All:

How are we celebrating Constitution Day in India? @jahnavi_sen shows the several ways in which citizens' constitutional rights are being eroded, while lip service celebrations continue.

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In this week's , @Jayati1609, @JulesKortenhors, @DanielGrosCEPS, and more consider the possible impact of rising oil, gas, and electricity prices on countries’ green transitions.

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Since covid-19, we are often told that austerity is a thing of the past and that countries will use public spending for a just recovery

Is this actually likely? No: austerity in store for 83 countries

✅New open access article w @thomstubbs

Short thread

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Thrilled to see @mathoyos' research featured in @WorldPhenomenal! @UMassEcon
*Stay tuned for our joint research on the effect of IMF interventions on economic growth.

This is SO important. Legal protection of knowledge monopolies is not just unjust and wrong - it is also killing people. And the Covid-19 pandemic is only one expression of how wrong this can go. We must bring is systems to ensure that such knowledge is in the public domain.
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And it seems @pfizer is willing to go through great lengths to keep its secrets. How can it be legal, and even legally protected to keep lifesa…

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Pfizer's Albert Bourla accuses @DrTedros of speaking “emotionally” for calling out pharma companies for prioritising billions in profit over human lives?!🤬

If caring that 5million humans have died means you're emotional, yes, we wish a few more people would be.

The inhumanity.

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Multiple vaccines were developed in record time through an unprecedented collective research effort. By privatizing its fruits via IP owned by a handful of companies, we fail to share its benefits and ensure equitable access @GYamey @reshmagar

It's astonishing that there isn't stronger public demand in rich countries for their governments to donate surplus vaccine doses immediately. Hoarding and then giving unnecessary booster doses is not just selfish, it's short-sighted and stupid.

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WHEN GOVERNMENTS FAIL: A Pandemic and Its Aftermath
Eds Vikas Rawal, Jayati Ghosh, C.P. Chandrasekhar

To order online,


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The zoom link for the Social Policy In Conference on ", and : Remembering Thandika Mkandawire" (22-24 Nov, 2021) is
Read more about the event here.
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So the World Trade Organisation can’t make up its mind whether to save up to a million lives each month, or to protect the right of Big Pharma to make $hundreds of billions from vaccines invented by taxation funded scientists.

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And its a WIN, after long 1 year!!
Modi Govt decides to REPEAL ALL 3 FARM LAWS- says PM Modi
Unity & Justice Is On Its Way to Success

.@jahnavi_sen reminds us of the real attitude of the BJP to the farmers' protests, on a day when the government, mindful of coming state assembly elections, has finally given in to demands for repeal of the farm laws.

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The Resilience and Sustainability Trust was much discussed at @COP26. Here are the contours of how @IMFNews @KGeorgieva should design it so it is attractive to developing countries. Requiring pre-existing IMF programs would stifle demand and lock up climate finance

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