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South African researchers openly shared the viral sequence . If new vaccines are to be developed, they must be governed as common goods and made available to all, as laid out in the @WHO's Council's Innovation Brief:

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South African researchers openly shared the viral sequence . If new vaccines are developed, they must be governed as common goods and made available to all as laid out in @WHO's Council Innovation Brief:


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Ensuring pandemic vaccines, treatments and diagnostics are developed as common goods, not as private IP monopolies, must be a priority for the @WHASpecial discussions
@WHO's Council Innovation Brief explains how:


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Wondering why the virus continues to mutate?

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There are few who are as articulate as @_SudhaNarayanan on farm laws. Lucid and to the point. Her @TheIndiaForum article on farm laws needs to be translation into multiple languages

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The scientists who discovered Omicron are running out of the chemicals they need to do the lab work to track the virus.
Because of the flight ban imposed when they reported that they found the variant.

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Today, I spent a big part of my day talking to genomic and biotech companies as soon we will run out of reagents as airplanes are not flying to South Africa! It will be 'evil' if we can not answer the questions that the world needs about due to the travel ban!

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In this week's , @JFrankelEcon, @Jayati1609, @JulesKortenhors, and more consider the possible impact of rising oil, gas, and electricity prices on countries' green transitions.

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The pandemic, its economic impacts, and climate costs are compounding challenges for the Global South @IIED @stephanygj @Jayati1609 @Red_mercosur

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"Moderna received huge U.S. government support... The U.S. government can use the Defense Production Act to require Moderna to share technology with other manufacturers to help ramp up global mRNA vaccine production." - @reshmagar, @zainrizvi

Don't miss this amazingly powerful poem brought to intense life through art.
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What would a poem be minus the evocative paintings by Labani Jangi, the encouragement of @PARInetwork, the space of the Theatre from the Streets, the remaking by @mallikasarabhai, the magic of Yadavan, the support of @thewire_in, but mere words on paper.

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If we want to recover from Covid-19 and better prepare for next pandemics we need to share knowhow behind essential medicines and build research, development and manufacturing capabilities around the world outside the control of big pharma @nickdearden75

Nurses around the world are standing up to big pharma and the governments they have captured. Add your name to their petition today:

Finally, nurses uphold the rights of people over profits - and call governments to account for causing deaths by preserving monopoly rights of Big Pharma.
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BREAKING: 2.5 million nurses from 28 countries have filed for a UN investigation of human rights violations by the EU, UK, Switzerland, Norway, and Singapore for blocking the waiver on Covid-19 vaccine patents as new strains proliferate:

Apartheid in vaccine access, in technology access and now in travel access, along with continuing extractive plunder of nature in Africa. Welcome back to 19th century colonialism.
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Wow this is blowing up my mentions, sorry everyone I can't respond to all the comments, but here is an updated version:

"by 2023, 83 out of 189 countries will face contractions in government spending compared to their 2010s average...exposing 2.3 billion people to the socio-economic consequences of budget cuts."
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Since covid-19, we are often told that austerity is a thing of the past and that countries will use public spending for a just recovery

Is this actually likely? No: austerity in store for 83 countries

✅New open access art…

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Good time to watch this powerful video again, to remind ourselves of this basic truth:

"In the race against COVID-19, none of us cross the finish line until we all do"

To prevent more variants, we need

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Omicron has been detected in UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Australia, South Africa. South Africa did the genome sequencing, and shared its data immediately - for which we have punished them by singling out southern Africa for a travel ban.

A multilateral organisation whose rules prevented the expansion of Covid-19 vaccine production to ensure access to the whole world, now has to cancel its own meeting because of virus variant concerns. Maybe it's time to .

Larry Elliot making the obvious points that many including @DrTedros @WHO have been making for more than a year now, to no avail. The sheer stupidity on westerleaders about vaccines is mind-boggling and deadly.

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