Ayo anak rp followan. Kalo bisa auto follback tanpa di toot ya

hai? kalo mau temenan, toot/boost yuu. asal follback yaa. 🤯

sorry public
boost/reply biar kita followan langsung fb biar kaga spam

W/N : This platform is a PUBLIC platform. it's made for PUBLIC to interact each other, not ONLY to satisfy your RP needs. So please, respect the other users besides RP users. Use "enlisted" / "direct" on the 🌎 icon to reply other user's toot or to mention someone. With that, your toot won't be visible on the public timeline and of course it won't disturb other users. Also, watch out for spamming/flooding. The system may auto reports you and @ stux may silence your account. Please cooperate 😁🙏

Saya kasih tau dulu ke kalian ya kalo kalian belum tau caranya.

Di toots itu kan ada kayak icon bumi/earth/globe gitu, itu kalian klik aja, nanti jadi begini. trus kalian pilih yang direct.
trus kalian mention base + trigger + menfess kalian.

dan DM ini meskipun keliatan di timeline, tapi ga semua org bisa liat kok, cuma yang ada di DM itu aja yang bisa liat. Dan selama kalian cuma klik reply, settingannya gak akan berubah, akan tetep Direct. :D

sorry public, rp silahkan rep/boost aja yg mau followan. autofb yaaa

Anak rp yok mutualan, toot/boost aja. Autofb

ayo folloan! rt/langsung follo aja nanti langsung di fulbek. kalian juga harus langsung fulbek nne :0090:

Sorry public ye. Anak rp yg mau followan rep/boost aja. auto fb ye

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