Transgender Men Are Men Too In Case That Was Not Also Obvious

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. Needing to go
apeshit for the
Space players 🤝 Light players

Also I Have Not Abandoned This Account And Have No Plans To Ever Do So

I Have Recently Become Very Close Friends With An Internet Person And That Fact Makes Me Happy


hello friends. here is a diagram of the disaster girls whom i love. tell me your thoughts.

with a great username comes great responsibility 😔

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Woke up at 05:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I'm going to write a long, angry letter of complaint to the part of my brain that deals with keeping me asleep.

putting my forehead against a rock i found in my backyard that might just be a piece that broke off my barbecue and channeling psychic energy into the earth's crust in the hopes of butterfly effect-ing enough new tropical storms that they run out of names and have to name one "vriska from homestuck" and then getting immediately blasted ten feet backwards by the feedback energy of someone doing the same thing for "tavros from homestuck" on the other side of the planet

The best rapper in homestuck is actually rose. We just haven't seen her rap because if she did it would kill us instantly

Surpassed my twitter follower count lads

Im sorry the sentence "'my names dick. Dork strimper' you say with confidence" is funnier than anything i will ever write

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