Doing more casting and community organizing for Roof Rage again! Missed doin stuff like this

Me? An Aranea kinnie? Haha you MUST be mistaken! I would never!

Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube

Thems Fightin Herds on the tl lets GO that game rules


Sitting here taking nudes for myself, why is that so empowering to me? Who knows

If one of my books ever gets physically printed Ill prolly die

if they didn’t want to keep adding cw’s? fine whatever! but there was absolutely no fucking reason to remove the existing ones. just put them back what the fuck is the big deal???
and the whole fucking “ask a trusted friend to read it for you beforehand :)” like what if they don’t have friends who read it?? what if their friends r also triggered by that content?
as a lonely motherfucker the assumption of having friends, much less ones that LIKE HOMESTUCK AND WILLINGLY READ HS2 is wild lol

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i’m gonna ramble for a sec
i don’t think there’s anything wrong with not adding content warnings to your work. i understand the whole, like, “it spoils the plot sometimes” or whatever but like once you Do add the warnings? why the fucking hell would you take them down???
that makes absolutely no fucking sense. the cw’s on hs2 did not spoil anything, imo, and had they not been there i may have had a panic attack. they helped me prepare myself for something that is personally VERY triggering

haha no babe im not eating rice krispies cereal im just walking down the hallway those are my joints ❤️

Days are either mega weird or entirely forgettable can I just have like A Single Fulfilling Day That Isnt Filled With Weird Stuff

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God some days really are just so insanely weird

If you see someone working with the cops at a protest you have to call them the FUCK out

One of these days Im just gonna be a full on music acc

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