Thinking about it now some of my favorite lemon demon songs are from Dinosaurchestra actually. Spirit Phone is just more consistently good so it gets my favorite lemon demon album spot

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Dinosaurchestra is the album where Neil's TMBG influence is at its most apparent and I think it really works well in some parts. I was going to say something about the album being too big to not have several flops but then I checked and Spirit Phone is TWENTY-SEVEN SONGS and only like 2 of them are ones I skip past

Whereas with Dinosaurchestra I really like Imaginary Friend, Nothing Worth Loving Isn't Askew, and Lawnmower, and can nod my head to Deep in the Ocean, Vow of Silence, and This Hyper World. The rest I could go without

Nature Tapes is practically microscopic in comparison to his other albums. In spite of the massive heavy hitter Two Trucks my favorite from there is actually My Trains

@Fuefos_ I normally skip Moon's Request and Pizza Heroes

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