@00dani @monorail I don't really play yugioh but I'm assuming the magic equivalent would hit noncreature permanents only? (Maybe even nonland too since yugioh doesn't have a land equivalent.) And yeah, it seems like a pretty niche card but could easily be pretty strong if your deck has ways to break the symmetry, such as recursion or indestructible permanents or ones with effects from the discard pile.

nsfw shitpost 

Mario speedruns are weird 😳 turns out you need to do a "BLow Job" to finish one

OK it does seem like toot.site is just having a weird issue where it's not federating with any instance at all, hopefully it gets fixed

If you;ve followed me at toot.site and I haven't accepted the follow request I think it's a bug :( I've actually turned off private on my end

Uhhh hmm. Following me there may not work either. Hold on

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For some reason mas.to doesn't recognize I've set up an alias so go follow me @ Robot_Face @ toot.site

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I don't actually know the proper protocol for space issues like this but the second toot is the one that contains the full cw

Homestuck characters / TMBG lyrics, Vriska sadstuck(expanded cw below) 

The lyrics I selected allude to abuse she suffered at the hands of Doc Scratch as well as to "The Vriscourse", both of which I know can be rather sensitive topics for some people
(Obviously TMBG didn't write about these things, it's the context of the above toot which makes them about this)

Homestuck characters / They Might Be Giants lyrics, Vriska sadstuck(expanded cw below) 

I'm a mess, even at my best
I'm dismantling my chances
Even as I win, a bunch,
I got tripwires to finesse
I'm a mess

Now I ain't right, if there's a test tonight
I will ask for an extension
As I slide my desk, a bit,
Toward the conman dressed in white
I ain't right
In fact, it's messier still
That mess on the loose and leading the mob
They march with pitchforks and torches now
They have your old ID disavow

Homestuck Characters / TMBG Lyrics 

"Vriska sadstuck" feels apt but also kind of flippant

Homestuck Characters / TMBG Lyrics 

I have an addition to this thread but I'm not sure exactly how to concisely tag it. The lyrics themselves or the character herself would be fine but putting them together feels like it needs a cw.

Nature Tapes is practically microscopic in comparison to his other albums. In spite of the massive heavy hitter Two Trucks my favorite from there is actually My Trains

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@minecraft_ebooks Thank goodness I saw this, I almost forgot how to open this nether portal

@Fuefos_ I normally skip Moon's Request and Pizza Heroes

Whereas with Dinosaurchestra I really like Imaginary Friend, Nothing Worth Loving Isn't Askew, and Lawnmower, and can nod my head to Deep in the Ocean, Vow of Silence, and This Hyper World. The rest I could go without

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Dinosaurchestra is the album where Neil's TMBG influence is at its most apparent and I think it really works well in some parts. I was going to say something about the album being too big to not have several flops but then I checked and Spirit Phone is TWENTY-SEVEN SONGS and only like 2 of them are ones I skip past

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