I get at least 5 approaches like this a week on LinkedIn and every single time it’s a lesson in how not to pitch to people.

If this person had done the most basic level of research I would have listened to their pitch. They never did answer my question.

I rarely ever say or do anything serious on social media but here goes…not entirely sure if this counts as a loophole but the Unitarian Universalist Association (amongst other religions) supports the right to have access to abortion facilities. Pretty sure that right is enshrined under the First Amendment. Time to convert

I wonder if Mastodon will also help people go above the social aspect of this app and find people they can work with on projects?

When your dog knows you aren’t feeling well

Lev’s Fun Fact of the Day: the Latin inscription on the MGM logo used to translate to “if you join a Union we’ll report you to Joseph McCarthy”

Just sat here, patiently waiting for my status as Mastodon’s version of Stephen Fry to be officially confirmed by the people in charge. It’s only a matter of time.

You say you’re a but are you a true, honest to goodness “I suffer from Crohn’s Disease but I’m still eating a packet of Flame Grilled Steak flavoured McCoy’s Crisps at 1.50am” anarchist?

It’s ok @trumpet I’ll take over welcoming the newbies from here now that I’m a seasoned veteran. *Ahem* Hello new people! If you own a Tesla or one of those ridiculous flame throwers GET OUT!

Does have a Blue Tick system yet? If not, might I suggest they go with something original, like making their verified symbol be a picture of a large elephant balancing precariously on a sugar cube while trying to recite the Magna Carta from memory. Or, maybe an emoji or something.

Things could be worse, we could all have ended up working as Michael Fabricant’s hair wrangler

Twitter’s not what it used to be, I can’t even lure people in like I used to

I’m trying to be more selective in who I follow on this platform, I will not repeat the mistakes of the past where I followed everyone all the time. That was bad for me in the long run…however, if you show me the slightest amount of attention I will follow you, like all your…erm…Masts, and name my first born after you.

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Goals for another day: figure out how to add a banner.

in case you’re missing Twitter I created this handy graph showing what’s happened to their share price this week

Hi everyone I’m Lev, I’m a Voice Actor (Presidents James Dean and John D Rockefeller in the Monument Mythos), Podcast Account Manager, Internationally Published Writer (worked for Inside The Ropes and WrestleTalk), Podcaster, Twitch Affiliate and Crohn’s Disease Warrior.


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