really wish i was better at shutting down stupid strawman arguments lol, i get fired up and unable to argue a point clearly

hello mastodon haven't posted in a while. things are going good!
- applied for a job, probably won't hear anything back but good to take the first step
- got 100% in berseria last night. enjoyed my time in spite of its flaws
- started hollow Knight today, enjoying the chill vibe very much :)

soundcloud's "more of what you like" is literally... songs i've already saved

actually waking up early/on time 2 days in a row. wizardry :0

Got the CV updated and down to a one-pager today :) Hooray

Will apply for something next week. Now to hangout with buds + watch some league :D


good to see fnatic get a win but I'm still not convinced they are back on form yet. They'll likely get into playoffs but not at a high seed.
Honestly I suppose I am a FNC fan but it's hard to admit that lmao


Mad lions such a good and FUN team love it. Hope they keep going strength to strength this worlds and maybe make a run to semis...!

nintendo you literally had such an easy chance to make the wetsuit part of the wand outfits and you choose NOT to use it

gosh darn their design is silly

Love having a team retrospective where issues are brought up with no actual solutions suggested... lmao what's the point

love my friends they're so creative and talented ❤️

slow start to the day but found something to get on with at work so starting to feel better and productive ☺️

always waking up too tired to actually wake up. not sure what I can do about it

on a personal note, I'm trying to spin too many plates trying to work as normal while thinking about updating CV and applying for new job. I always have to give 100% focus to what I'm doing in the moment or I get really stressed.

I've found some nice CV reference so I will take my time over the weekend and update properly, rather than half assing it on the side while WFH.

alot of my stress has been FOMO on a job listing I saw, but honestly I should only apply when I feel confident and ready.

twitch drama/sexual harassment 

honestly shocked yet not surprised at the stories of fed's behaviour. it's so easy as a viewer to look the other way or write it off as "content". but he was really a clearly insecure and manipulative person. it was easy to say all those girls were "in on the joke", but clearly he knew that and took the "joke" too far.
heart goes out to those who stepped up and shared their story. it's not easy and in the long run will be worth it in spite of current drama.

sort of a mindless evening so let's try and recap:
- played a bit of 51 games with gf, was fun happy she bought it to play with me
- discord call with friends :)
- still grinding thru ToB, sometimes the combat will tilts me but ultimately enjoying it still.

looked at my CV a bit, I know I want to rewrite it but didn't get anywhere with it. hate the pressure of having to apply but I know if I don't the opportunity will leave 😶
need to get on it

trying to build up the fortitude to apply for this job i've been looking at for a while, I definitely need to make a change but doing interviews is really anxiety inducing x_x

looks like the weather has gone back to grey and chill 👍

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