lewd (no nut november) joke 

No Nut November is a ploy by the adult companies to get more money out of pornography on Destroy Dick December.

Why? You see, the pleasure spirits usually come out during November to give more sexual pleasure than is usual. Humans have evolved to get used to this burst. But the bourgeoisie have kidnapped these pleasure spirits without telling horny proletarians. They decided to exploit human horniness by not letting anyone masturbate.

lewd (no nut november) joke 

This makes the proletarian's thirst for pleasure build up all along November.

The bourgeoisie have made Destroy Dick December so the proletarian could spill all their built-up pleasure and therefore, make money for the bourgeoisie by watching more pornography, buying more sex toys, etc.

If you masturbate on 'No Nut' November, the adult companies get alienated when they realise they lost their power; additionally, one pleasure spirit escapes their hell-hole.

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lewd (no nut november) joke 

Workers of the world, you have nothing to lose but your sexual tension

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