ladies and gentlemen, anti-leftist humour 


Fun fact: A brand of colouring pencils in Pakistan (Goldfish) has Zak and Wheezie from Dragon Tales on the can of pencils.

And Shahsons, the company behind Goldfish, has not been sued for it yet.

meme about people who justify racism, etc by saying its ironic 

this picture is perfect

That face when McDonald's in Pakistan doesn't activate Windows

Or that they're using Windows :P

i found this on a discord server when i didnt expect it

This is the animation for the McDonald's queue screen (whatever it's called) in Pakistan (my home), and the United Arab Emirates.

Do you know any other countries where it plays?

My shitty atheist meme 

(context: HazbinBrothel is a community on reddit that posts Hazbin Hotel porn pictures)

This is the status of the checkra1n iOS jailbreak for different operating systems.

Wait... it’s starting to look cloudy on my favourite OS, GNU+Linux? I cannot wait :toucan:

Original on bird site

Questionable cleavage 

my waifu made with waifu labs
her name's mahoki!

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