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Sending kids Hogwarts letters would be when a thing that can never be justified. Plz anything but that!

ah yes

now i am able to move to my new account

all you followers will be following my new account after the automated migration! ain't that neat?

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Children can have critical thinking abilities too and they're not just inhuman animals until the moment they turn 18.

Maybe it's time to migrate to my new account now

@xerz Well, I didn't see you for a long time, so...

@vice I assume GenZ culture is for those 10-24 years old

My encounter with two people on instance of primarily 'libertarians' (quodverum) 

One person: you are probably flaming cause you're saying you're a socialist anarchist

Other person: I believe all opinions should be heard

Such conflicting ideologies. And which opinion is actually libertarian? I'd say the second one.

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