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Sonic the Hedgehog movie 

There are little references to the old Genesis games (aside from the art style of the ending credits).

Well, I can infer that they're trying to create a new universe of Sonic. They already did that when they made modern Sonic for Sonic Adventure (I think?), so I can accept it.

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One thing I did today 

Watch a pirated copy of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie on my mobile phone

Never mind. She finally appeared... at around 1:09:23 -_-

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Watching a longplay of YIIK: A postmodern RPG

1 hour in and the introduction isn't even halfway done. We don't see the woman being trapped in the elevator.

ladies and gentlemen, anti-leftist humour 


Tag with Ryan (Let's Play) - Games for Kids

It's an experiment I am doing to see how many views I get.

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I've had three people join in one image 😭😭😭😭

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I can't wait to get old and tell little kids how I lived through the 2020 coronavirus outbreak

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i want to live entirely out of a terminal and/or emacs
primarily if emacs is running in a terminal

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a reminder for everyone struggling today: please remember to use filters and mutes liberally.

its completely fine to not know everything all the time. maybe consider asking a friend to filter a little bit of news to you when you ask for it instead of letting social media blast you away with it.

its fine if even jokes and shitposts upset you. its not ANY kind of failing on your part. staying mentally healthy goes a long way towards staying physically healthy.

i wonder if ebooks robot me will replace the real me


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COVID-19; Law 

Italian authorities say that people infected with COVID-19 who ignore self-quarantine orders will face charges for negligent manslaughter. Really interesting legal precedent being set there, especially with implications for anti-vaxx.

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