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Some sign up support links πŸ’•β˜Ί

- Coinbase (buy, sell, trade, earn free coins)

- Binance (buy, sell, trade alt coins)

- BlockFi (earn 6% interest on Bitcoin, get free bitcoin when you deposit 100 dollers worth of Bitcoin)


It's seriously just a game, capitalism Is gambling. People shouldn't have to live like this

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I think the cryptocurrency merket Is a joke tbh but I'm only In It bc I feel like have to be. I'm fully aware that the idea of money Is delusional In the first place

If I wasn't worried about what people thought of me I would probably look a lot different then I do now, unfortunately work and family are the biggest limiting factors here.

NVIDIA hardware seems to really dislike Debian for some reason, I'm sure It'll be fixed In Debian 11 but It's still annoying. Thing like hardware recording not working In OBS etc...

Not sure I want to actually move my followers over here BC I feel like I want a new and active followers

Overslept on good Friday, always seems to be the case where I just crash straight after days of work

The fact that next to no one followed my new account shows what people really wanted

Deleting all my posts apart from the least ones about my new account, the mentions on that account got really insane to the point that I was worried for my safety. Can't really have any fun with It If Nazis are trying to take me down

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