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Is a VPN a requirement for modern day Internet usage? (UK)

They're literally promoting a company that has a homophonic CEO, good investigative journalism right there.

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How are these people journalists?

People that look at this stuff out of interest and maybe just as a hobby know more about software and technology then actual journalists that research and study tech on a daily basis all day, everyday.

"It uses less ram" ITS ON THE SAME ENGINE AS CHROME, These people are factually incorrect and are promoting borderline scams.

Any game begging for a login or has a shitty launcher DRM should be mass pirated, fuck off with that shit.

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Doom Eternal Is shit, game crashes because It begs for a shitty login. Play the cracked version. Unplayable.

Sickening content, massive trigger warning 

The Christine/Chris Chan situation Is easily the most sickening situation I've ever seen on the Internet and It was NEVER funny.

Going to set up streaming within the next 2 weeks, I'm looking forward to It :)

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Which games would you like to see on stream?

There will probably be a point where I host my own social media account on my raspberry pi at some point, for the time being tho I'm not really able to do that right now.

(I don't actually think Ubuntu Is **bad**, just having a bit of fun)

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What do you use 馃

Most people vote Tory because they believe the delusional reality they made for themselves, not bc It benefits them.

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There's always been a "cosmic right", this Isn't new. In order to believe right leaning views you have to be delusional In some form or another. Conservativism In politics has always been delusional full stop.

I wonder If the main complaint about Steam Deck Is SteamOS, that's probably the thing I'm most afraid of.

People acting like workplace abuse In gaming only happens at Activision 馃う馃う馃う馃う

Newsflash: they're all like this, If you want to boycott Activision because of the workplace culture you better be ready to boycott all AAA gaming companies. Pirate Bay Is your friend.

^ Note: I'm 100% aware that a VPN doesn't protect your privacy from the websites themselves. It's more for protection from your ISP from storing your web history for up to a year.

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