Looked Into and It requires a paypal or swipe account and I'm not really In the mood to deal with any of that when handles payments directly and deals with tax. 😕

I might look Into ko-fi later and see what's up with that uwu

@Main_Tomato i had the same problem and finally opted for, something similar to Liberapay

@Main_Tomato Yeah that's the sad reality of things, services like Patreon and Ko-fi are just VASTLY easier than the alternatives to the point where the alternatives have limited appeal as a result

@immychan @Main_Tomato Ko-Fi requires a Stripe or PayPal account just like we do. Patreon works differently and might seem easier, but it's not a donation platform.

@Main_Tomato @immychan If by “handling the taxes” you mean collecting VAT, then that's not exactly an advantage, because it's a tax that your patrons wouldn't have to pay if they donated to you directly instead of purchasing a virtual service from Patreon.

@Main_Tomato Liberapay is for donations only. Donations are free of tax in France were that are located. So thats why there is no tax. Patreon has more tools to communicate with fans at this point.

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