Everyone saying the Xbox event was good, for me there was literally 0 interesting games. Idk how people can eat this shit up

Twisted Metal Is a PS3 game I never got to play back In the day, I haven't got It working yet but I'm looking forward to It.

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WET Is also another one I would recommend, the game Is pretty bad and most people won't like It but I just find these sorts weird of games fun to play.

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Some real good gems on PS3 the games I recommand playing are;

- inFamous (Low FPS)
- inFamous 2 (Not very playable via emulator atm, visual bugs and low FPS)
- Resistance: Fall of Man (very playable)
- Resistance 2 (buggy cutscenes but good game)
_ Resistance 3 (Haven't played yet but I saw someone compare It to half-life 2 so I have to see for myself)
- Sonic Unleashed (Low FPS)
- Lollipop Chainsaw (Very playable at a stable 60fps)
- MOTORSTORM®: PACIFIC RIFT (stable 30fps)

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Look at the way the light bleeds though the trees, It's shocking how good these PS3 games look after they've been touched up a bit and boosted In rez

I've been having a lot of fun with a PS3 emulator recently :blobcatcomfnight:

No way am I having kids with pandemics going around, UFOs flying everywhere and the climate crisis I'll be lucky If I make It to the end of my lifetime lmao

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We're all fucked at this rate, either this or the climate crisis will kill us within 20 to 60 years

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How can this shit be from fucking China or Russia, that's the most moronic crap I've ever heard. They're clearly trying to spin some bullshit narrative on It. It's such boomer conservative take It hurts.


Twitter Is down bad, imagine paying for that shit show lmao

Doesn't anyone find It a bit fishy that Nintendo has never posted a pride flag on their accounts? Companies that pander to their consumers while funding anti LGBTQ+ organizations Is bad ofc and they should be shamed but still not posting anything at all Is strange 🤷

I got driving lessons starting back up and with my work up In the air I could really need the help 🥺

If you want me to add more payment methods ask me and I'll look Into It! ❤️


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While everyone Is having fun with the new Firefox UI I'm stuck on the extended support release. 😢

@immychan The leaks say the game Is going to be called Sonic Rangers with an open world environment with Sonic Generation style boost levels In the world.

Sounds like a fun time because the newer Sonic games felt like they were made on the cheap for a quick cash grab

@immychan I grew up with Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations. I feel having a crazy and over the top story adds to the game because I just find It entertaining to see how extreme and nonsensical It gets. Sonic Generations had good gameplay but the game ended up feeling bland because It had a boring story. The appeal of Sonic Is seeing how insane It gets, for me anyway.

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