Today is Loyalty Day in #Argentina. ✌️

On October 17th 1945, a spontaneous 300.000 workers mass demonstration demanded the liberation of Col. Juan Domingo Perón, detained by reactionary factions among the Argentine Army.

Briefly acting as Secretary of Labour and Prevision, #Perón had granted Unions with strong social justice policies.
His doctrine called Justicialism proposed a "Third Position", instigating an virtuous and inclussive alliance among Capitalist and Workers.

@peron Peronism is the worst thing that happened to Argentina. it brought populism and destroyed years of economic, social and cultural growth. Peron was a totalitarian leader, he played with the right and the left. and it was the greatest exposure to political violence, which was brought down in the 1976 coup.
Moreover, the decrees of annihilation were signed by his wife.

@MartaMicale93 Peronism institutionalized argentine women civil rights, turning the mandatory voting system into a true representative democracy. Argentine females didn't even had political representation back then. But still you call it totalitarian.
What were the reactionaries doing in 1940s that they didn't want to grant female voting rights? That is not social or cultural, I must say. They wanted "their" women in their kitchens.


@peron talk is cheap show me the result. Peronism generate poor society and poor people. Thats the facts. You are a fanatic. Is your problem, not my.

@MartaMicale93 You are a gorila. That's is your problem. If you want to get an opinion, at least get your facts straight and compare one fact with another. Don't compare a massacre of poor people in a landfill or under aeronautical bombs, 18 years of political proscription of an entire population with your feelings about a bike for a descamisadito.
I'm not a fanatical, Peronism could be better, but first we must address your own kind of resentment with poor people. Jesus loves them. Do you?

@peron thanks for "Ad Hominem". You lost the debate. You dont accept other opinion, like fascismo. Like Mussolini, friendo of Perón.

@MartaMicale93 Thanks for the Reductio ad Mussolinum. Now learn this: at least you should start with 'peronism was disproportionately attacked and did some good things but...'.
But no, you would claim poverty or a different culture as being bad or inferior, or taking heat of a government providing a bike, or a highschool political activist.
So you must shave yourself, gorila. And buy the Gilettes yourself, don't ask for an aguinaldo for that.

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