Hello, @feditips. Is there a way for me to link the various servers I’m on so I’m seeing everything in a single feed? Sorry for the newb question. I researched it and couldn’t find a solid answer. Thank you!

@Megaloteuthis @feditips i am not sure what you are tring to say, but if you want to see the same posts on all accounts you already do, because the servers are federated

@fpvogel @feditips Yeah, I'm confused. I opened an account on another server thinking I needed to do that to access other areas. Rookie stuff. Thanks for being patient.


The servers already are linked!

I'm on the server, you're on the server but we can both see each other and interact 👍

There's a video about it here:

@feditips Thank you! I opened accounts on other servers, too. I guess that was sort of silly and superfluous.


Noo not silly, totally understandable!

It takes a while to get used to this setup if you've been on centralised social media previously.

But it makes sense once you get used to it! :mastogrin:

If you're wondering why it's like this, there's my attempt at an explanation here:

@feditips Thank you very much. Your account is so helpful. It makes the fediverse feel like a really welcoming place.🙂

@Megaloteuthis Follow all accounts you want to see on only an account (this, I guess?)

@Megaloteuthis no, but you can export and import your follow lists and just follow everyone from one account

you can also use the move account function to redirect your followers to your other accounts

@Megaloteuthis Yeah no need to do anything actually, you're already networked even beyond #Mastodon ;)
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