140 years of combined research and nothing to prevent HIV, cancer, or even the common cold. Then a mysterious cold like bug appears out of nowhere, and within 12 months, FOUR big med companies, ALL WITHIN ONE WEEK, announce they have the fix we're required to take. 🙄

Funny how Facebook works. I see ad after ad in the feed, and yet they can only spare enough bandwidth for a tiny fraction of my friends posts. I go there to see ads. .

Okay, it's true, the massive increase in excess death is only correlated with the vaccines. Maybe people are just more stressed out. But until proven otherwise the vaccines are suspect #1

Dr. Campbell was pro-vaccine until he saw the data. Now youtube is threatening to delete his channel, so passing on his rumble channel


insurance actuaries expecting a 5000% increase of excess mortality THIS YEAR. Denying the viper stick is causing these autoimmune conditions only means no therapeutics will be developed for those affected.


The problem I have with running Trump is he can only serve one more term. Ron DeSantis shares his views and can serve two terms.

In any case the guy in there right now needs to GO ASAP!

It never made sense for young people to take the shot as they were never at any significant risk for covid. And yet they have endured the brunt of the shot side effects so far. Who knows what's still to come.

Investigators think Covid-19 may have come from a Lab in the United States. Hello Pfizer


I think I log into Facebook out of some morbid sense of curiosity. Everyone is so much more interesting here.

11 reasons an annual COVID-19 booster is NOT LIKE an annual flu shot

per Vinay Prasad MD MPH


Once upon a time you could order a Tommy gun in the Sears catalog.

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