It's 2020. Why do we still insist on drinking from vessels that shatter into a thousand tiny knives when you so much as look at them wrong?

I -love- that the party of "family values", "personal responsibility", and "fiscal conservatism" is 100% in support of an elected official using the DOJ as his defense team in a civil case for an accusation of a rape done prior to their time in office.

This is the way how our behaviors or attitude works. It's my first post . Hope this will help you all to get little fun with truth

De todas las creencias, puedo recomendarte una:

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Building A Mask To Induce Lucid Dreaming

While dreams are generally thought of as the unconscious wanderings of the mind, that’s not the full story. Lucid dreams are ones in which the individual is conscious or semi-conscious in the dream state, and may…

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I've been so tired the last week. Not sick-tired, just tired.

Maybe it was the election whirlwind. Maybe it's that I've been in constant fire-fighter mode at work (fixing issues constantly, instead of doing my normal work) since March. Maybe... I'm just tired.

Not being able to spend the summer running around in the desert with my camera took a lot out of me, and I'm just starting to cope with it. S.A.D. maybe? Bleh.

Microsoft versucht mal wieder bestehende Gesetze & Regelungen als Feature zu verkaufen - es würde ja schon genügen, wenn sich Microsoft einfach mal an die DSGVO halten würde...

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Heyo, I'm Jo. I'm a 30-something BSc Computer Science who just happens to be one of them trans (She/Her, btw).

I get (rightfully tbh) angry about the sorry state of today's software, construct things in meatspace (mostly containers and boxes) and dig into game files for fun and profit. Mostly just fun. I also like old computers and consoles. 💻

I also run this little patch of land that is my own personal Masto instance. It's not open for registration, I'm afraid.

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