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➕ trying to live in the world on my own terms, off grid, railing against The Man, coding, self-reliance

➖ big technology abusing society and privacy, racists, nazis, etc..

There are many things I can live without. But music isn't one of them.

I should concentrate more on music.

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The Extraordinary Spiral in LL Pegasi

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, HLA; Processing & Copyright: Jonathan Lodge #APoD

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NFTs are just not a sustainable model. They're just links to whatever is hosting the image at some point in time. You "own" the link, and not the server that's hosting the actual artwork. Minting and verifying NFTs is a waste of energy.

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Enough is Enough: **Amsterdam: Hotel Mokum evicted**

"Amsterdam. Netherlands. November 28. 2021. Yesterday morning Hotel Mokum was evicted by riot cops."

#anarchism #bot

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We live in a world where Creative Commons shills NFTs, the biggest revenue stream for Firefox is promoting Google, and Microsoft is a platinum member of the Linux Foundation.

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protip keep the silica gel bags you get with electronics and put them in your toolbox to stop your tools rusting

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Everyone knows that #BlackFriday sales are pretty awful, the prices are usually the same as the rest of the year! :eyeroll:

Why not donate to a nice Fediverse project instead? :awwwblob:

ActivityPub for Wordpress - Plugin which adds your Wordpress blog to the Fediverse

BookWyrm - GoodReads alternative

FunkWhale - Federated music & podcast platform

Mastodon - Twitter alternative

Mobilizon - Facebook Events alternative made by Framasoft

PeerTube - YouTube alternative made by Framasoft

PixelFed - Instagram alternative

Also shoutouts to WriteFreely (a Medium alternative) and Friendica (a Facebook alternative) which don't have donation pages, but which deserve support 👏


If it is a for profit company, the reason is always profit.

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I’m happy to announce the Drowning in Æther - Signal hunting bike rides.
The during the month of December I invite you to join me on a trip through the radio spectrum. We are going to hunt for as well as make audible signals of ghost satellites and satellite radio pirates hijacking abandoned military satellites. For the last couple of weeks, I have been assembling a mobile listening station, a cargo bike with a sound system, my antennas, and all the necessary equipment to hunt for satellite signals. During these collaborative bike rides, we try to sync up with the circadian rhythms of the satellites and explore the urban environment of Rotterdam to find the perfect spot to capture their radio signals.
Due to the current Covid situation, I’m planning multiple rides with small groups. The bikes will not only bring us to our listening spots but also help us to keep a healthy distance. So far, I scheduled the 4. & 5. of December as well as the 11. & 12. of December, but other spontaneous group rides during the month could be planned by contacting me.
If you are interested and want to receive updates, please sign up to the Drowning in Æther mailing list via this link:

For more information about my research please visit:


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i dreamt there was a computer program (a game?) you launched form the terminal (3-letter name) which turned you into a 1-dimensional string of pixels, and you could use those pixels to make structures

people were making houses with this mechanic in an OOT-styled map and i was trying to find a spot to make a house

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climate crisis, extremism 

As we move into the coming days, everyone needs to be aware of the turn toward eco-fascism on the global far-right and its increasing normalization into mainstream politics around immigration and ecological solutions internationally.

We are likely to see more green- and ecology-movements merge into fascist belief systems, an increasing prevalence of language and policies that attempt to dehumanize and "other" various peoples, an uptick in doomerist and accelerationist narratives, and disinformation campaigns and information operations that amplifies all of the above.

Our best chance in these times is, and has always been, to support each other. Be careful out there.

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@hamishcampbell @aral @michal @NGIZero I think we are at a dangerous time in communications technology. What we're facing, I think, is the prospect of full centralization under some corp/gov synthesis, and the complete elimination of what was once the "open web". Data centres become the mainframes, and everything else will be a terminal into them with next to no local compute. We're not far off from that now, and it can all be justified as "efficiency".

So we need to have a diversity of ways that people can "run their own stuff", individually or as small collectives.

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Are you looking for a #FreeSoftware job?

Sharing is very appreciated.

Univention, a German company that creates #Univention GNU/Linux server systems, opens several #jobs and IT vacancies including #devops and #python programming positions.

🇩🇪 :gnu: :linux: :nextcloud: :opensource: :python:

#gnu #linux #opensource #career

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This years themes are Sea, Soil and Structure.

List of this years games and submissions form are at our website microfictiongames.neocities.or

Can’t wait to see what yall do with it!

now considering moving this to @codeberg because it's waaaay more ethical and small tech.

This might be my plan for today.

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Today is Aaron Swartz birthday. Because of him, we have Creative Commons (development), Reddit (co-founder),, Open Library, DeadDrop, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Demand Progress (co-founder), ThoughtWorks, and Tor2web.

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I'm a software engineer who generally doesn't get to exercise creativity, nor do I get the opportunity to really socialize with anyone on a regular basis.. I've accidentally isolated myself.

I'm looking for opportunities to try out new things and reach people who might help me grow as a person. I'm not looking for a paid gig, just an outlet/community to be a part of. Boosts appreciated.

Creative Interests:
- Blender
- Voice Acting
- ChipTunes / Game Music
- Writing
- Game Design
- Pixel Art

Thanks to @nonmateria and their page I have now fallen down a rabbit hole of minimalist website design and building.

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uk climate 

The UK's climate policy is a joke.

2050 is too late and relies on imaginary technologies which might was well be fairy dust. In the mean time, they want to expand coal.

They are burning down our future.

How would you react to somebody with a box of matches pouring petrol around the outside of your house? Because that's where we're at.

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