Hi. I'm DJ. I've just lost my job to COVID so I'm setting up a project called Minimal Click. It's an ethical experimental research studio in Bath, UK.

I've created it to explore code, tools, products and services using sustainable and ethical business practices through the utilisation of open source tools and methodologies.

veggie, anarchic, designer, developer, tutor, always learning, makes music, bought up in the countryside, love is the way. x

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Looking to share and connect with and those that like to tinker, play, explore, learn, show, teach, and make the world a better place one day at a time.

I dislike big business and like small communities.

Making things that solve problems gets my blood all excited like.

@MinimalClick I'm beginning to learn to program in C, too. Looks like we have a few common interests.

Welcome and good connect with you!

@retroedgetech hello! How are you? I’ve just started my journey. I have been mucking about with front end Dev for ages. Mostly graphics though. Did a tutorial and made a text editor in c. Totally fell in love this the compiling and problem solving. How about you?

@MinimalClick I've been dabling with programming for a long time. I want to get serious now, as I have a idea for a practical app that my customers need and ask about.

I always thought that C was too hard for me. Wish I wouldn't have thought that and tried it years ago.

I am working on what I've dubbed the "Retro Edge Tech Stack", which includes C and Lua.

Doing well, with lots of work to do. My main day to day business is computer repair and refurbished computer sales.

@retroedgetech so much work to do, right? Am excited to find out more about your retro edge tech stack as it grows. 👍🏼

@MinimalClick it's not really small tech, but you may get a kick out of my FOSS Python libraries for music composition:

They're easy to get started with, but pretty powerful, and I put up several tutorial videos.

@vincent I used to be a designer and front end developer. Became very disillusioned with that and life in general. Had a bit of a breakdown.

Decided to go back to the roots of programming and build me some tools and games from scratch. In C. Whilst learning it. And giving it all away. For anybody to use and abuse.

It’s a very slow process but it makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. And that’s Important. 👍🏼

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