So I followed this tutorial on how to write a text editor in C:

I called mine Ceditor and the little endorphin kick I got when it compiles was waaaay more satisfying than moving images and text around a website using CSS + JS.

So I'm learning C instead. Via books. Because it makes me feel good doing this. And I'm old and books are good.

I'm also going to be using my editor to write C as well. Something something dogfooding something something

@MinimalClick As an old C hacker, all I can say to that is "this is the way". I'm excited for you, and I kinda hope we see more of a smalltech C renaissance. Now if only we weren't so saddled with the non-smalltech past...

@roadriverrail > Now if only we weren't so saddled with the non-smalltech past...

Right? But there are people around trying to learn the old ways. It's really important to be in control of your environment and I think in the digital world that means building your own tools so you know what's in them and how they work. 👍🏼

@MinimalClick Hard agree. I've just lately been realizing the forces of infrastructure and history really conspire against many smalltech efforts. For example, the way the standard C library can't really be separated from the conventions of UNIX.


@roadriverrail I’ll have to find out more about that! Thanks for the heads up.

@MinimalClick I've actually been doing more research for my own projects, and it looks like there's a libc implementation called newlib that tries to get away from this. It's designed for easy portage to new bare-metal projects. Haven't tried working with it enough to know if it's enough of a libc that other major packages will work with it.

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