Is there suck a thing as / ?

Like Nethack; Angband and Dwarf Fortress, but Spaceships?

@MinimalClick There are very few Space ascii/roguelike, even non-floss :(

Whales, the author of Cataclysm, started to work on one:, but they stopped quite early and the game is on its earliest stage

(I used to read Whales blog, it's a good read:

@fedor I guess there's a gap in the market then. I've had this idea for an ASCII space station simulator for ages. Basically an OS for a space station.I'd better spec it out (and continue learning C in the meantime).

@fedor yes! Like that. Kinda a mix between vim, rogue and Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Start with an asteroid rich in iron and other materials and a bunch of solar powered manufacturing and building robots and you’ve got 10 years to make a space station habitable for the generation ship that’s gonna arrive with a crew of dunno 12?

@fedor as they live and grow on this station it needs modifying and refitting and expanding and as this happens your UI / OS gets better and more developed until you’ve got a massive ringworld and a computer like the one out of the Oblivion film.

@MinimalClick Lets do it than :)

I was thinking on developing protocols for fantasy devices, like "a scanner" or "an engine"

And than users are free to use whatever tools they find nice under that fantasy OS we made.

So they may end up with a proper graphical interface, or just live with plan9-like OS, like

> cat /dev/scanner

> echo "28%" > /dev/left_engine

or whatever

@MinimalClick it would be super cool if your idea with a station and minerals can co-exist within the same universe

Its an MMO with pluggable servers. And each server may have their own devices to use. Players may connect devices from different servers to their spaceships

@fedor now we’re talking. I thought one might be able to do updates to the game by updating the OS. There’s something to this!

@MinimalClick or each server is the actual server you can telnet into.

Like, your spaceship server is a central computer of the certain space station.

Your server communicates internally with other servers, like a "space" server, to do economics, track players etc.

And players can telnet onto the server to get their own little station.

@MinimalClick with all communication being email-like and the universe being relatively simple to simulate - I believe it is possible.

And we need something like a big design document on the LOR and how the universe look like

And a protocol for server data exchange.

Then each server may have its own game rules and interface, so it is not limited to pure telnet only thing.

@fedor genius. All you need to start of with is a system generation thing. And then slowly build it from that. Everybody gets a system. And at some point they all communicate with each other.

@MinimalClick *thinking about starting a mailing list/wiki to collect ideas and start working on device protocols

@MinimalClick @fedor Real space stations have planning systems, and maybe in a game version you tweak the planning system to handle the oncoming hazards.

@bob nice! It’s all about making the station work before the people turn up. And then maintain and manage whilst exploring this strange new system. Think Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.

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