Was good to see Picard welcoming Kirk back to Earth.

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It's quite obvious that they're all not getting taxed enough.


No way! William Shatner finally got hired to reprise his role as Captain Kirk.

Too bad I can't justify throwing down on a Paramount+ subscription. I am also ambivalent on the direction the Star Trek stories are headed... not to mention the explosion of shows with wildly varying quality.

I did have it for a moment, but the Roku app was so terminally buggy, I could not watch or begin anything that wasn't loaded on the front page.

Let me know if you think it is worth it.

@CosmicTortoise Discovery is modern & 'edgy' not the old school idealistic ST that we grew to love. Lower Decks is Excellent and irreverent. And all the creators from ST:TNG have ended up working on The Orville's later seasons.

So go figure!


Alright. It may be worth it a couple months just to catch up. I did find it entertaining.

I mean, I find all Star Trek shows enjoyable, even if I don't find it interesting or good quality.

@CosmicTortoise try Picard as well I enjoyed that. I like the humanity of Star Trek. Which is the wrong work because aliens. But it’s the meaning. It’s the giving a shit about things.

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