Reading up about stitch and glue boat building.

Seems a really straightforward way of making hulls.

Am also searching online for local woodworking courses. Found some. Yay.

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@MinimalClick I’ve been enjoying watching these build videos (and appreciate that they are creating a safe space to enjoy boatbuilding) very similar construction although I think screws are used instead of wire in the Chase designs.

@mathiasx I'll check these out in a bit. Thanks for pointing them at me.

@MinimalClick a bit of a different thing, but I’ve been enjoying the videos of dinghy sailing by this gentleman. This one has a bit of a rant on actually using a boat to go enjoy places rather than just showing off your wealth. Other videos are trip reports with less talking and are quite relaxing.

@mathiasx love how he turns his sailboat into a tent. Thanks for that.

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