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quick question, would it be possible to make a bomb timer/trigger with Arduino circuit boards?

my brain just feels like a beehive all the time because there's just voices constantly telling me things, idk I hate be cared for for some reason, it just feels weird to me and I don't like it, I kinda just wish someone understood what I feel and try to place themself in my place, it's so hard to explain things when there's 10 different versions in my head, sometimes I just want them all to be quiet and let me decide by myself, but without them I don't think I would even survive or be "Maple"

as of right now I'm being taught by a professor from a high end University and I'm still kinda lost on wtf Arduino is

jeez I have some much shit to do why did I even agree on joining a fucking Arduino competition

tried out my drawing tablet today, pretty Shit if you ask me

I've never wanted to fuck a robot until I saw an Arduino Mega circuit board

now, what the FUCK do you do with the Arduino IDE?

drew one of my friends, don't know if it turned out okay...

i want to burn down a house but i sadly live in it

I should start posting stuff I never showed anyone

started using this art style thing but idk what to call it, it's basically just characters but ?without faces?

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