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All these weird ass gamers who are angry about the new Monkey Island game to the point where they chased Ron Gilbert off the plattform should seriously go fuck themselves. It's just a sad display of dip-shittery that shows the absolute worst of what so-called "fans" can be.

Oh boy 👀
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What's that? Is that... the first update in over 5 years??

Yep, this is happening - and it's just a precursor to something bigger coming your way soon, so strap in!

Patch Notes: bit.ly/3bCfMj5

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So Zero Wing is a US ROM on NSO. That's... odd.

So they're a 10?
They’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games

Comix Zone is awesome, and we got Zero Wing! Looks like all that campaigning paid off @N_Mosier!
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Four classic SEGA Genesis games have just been made available for + Expansion Pack members!

☑️ Comix Zone
☑️ Target Earth
☑️ Zero Wing

Today is an historic day as little me has finally seen beyond this spinning nightmare.

It's all uncharted territory from here.

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ICYMI: the latest Adaptation Fixation with @8bit_Snazzy and @WolfmanJew is now out!

This time, things are a little different as the duo will be discussing and comparing two adaptations of Capcom's Resident Evil, the 2002 original and last years reboot.


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thought I would re-create the iconic "excuse me princess" in the style of the anime Urusei Yatsure. I wanted to make it into a fake anime screen shot. This was super fun to draw and I have a soft spot for both cartoons

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Wow, we're finally getting a game for the hit character Joker from the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate™ game.

Digimon World pls.
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Katamari, Mr Driller, Klonoa and now Pac-Man World. Shout out to Bandai Namco for keeping it real with the rereleases.

This just flashed buy in the direct but I did not know there was a Jump+ game with Spy x Family and Kaiju no.8 characters in it?

How did this fly under my radar?
And after months of waiting, the full cast of Captain Velvet Meteor: The JUMP+ Dimensions is revealed!
Eight heroes from Shonen JUMP+ will help you fight evil with powerful combo attacks and superpowers!
Pre-order on Nintendo Switch: https://www.nin…

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In just under 30 mins the Nintendo Partner Direct Mini will be going live! So join us for a little pre-show discussion and predictions for the show.

Is that Noah with his hair down?
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Monolith Soft posted Key Art for the mysterious "Villain" figure revealed in the latest Xenoblade Chronicles 3 trailer!

Mask - ✅
Evil looking sword - ✅
Blue hair - ✅

He checks off all the anime villain boxes… The infinity symbol on his Sword has shown up many times now...

It's been pointed out to me that Age of Calamity was in one of these, but that wasn't published by Nintendo in Japan so that's why.

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Welp their it is, and it is a partner showcase. Also at a pretty terrible time for me. So not exactly what I was hoping to see...
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A new : Partner Showcase is on the way! Watch on-demand via our YouTube channel beginning Tuesday, June 28 at 6am PT for roughly 25 minutes of info on upcoming third-party games.

Subscribe & turn on notifications here: ninten.do/6012bSy0M

This time I'm even being kind and including companies they owned outside of their internal studios.

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