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I’m seeing people say it’s open grounds to spoil xenoblade chronicles 3 around September 🥺.

That’s not enough time and some of us work full time. Plus is really busy after work too.

This game is massive so you guys should probably wait till October/November

I read some people complaining that Nintendo of America has final say on localisation for games even to the point that it goes against authorial intent from the og devs.

But are there any examples of this?

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@Fire_Voyager @brando_themando @OrgadArbel @npckc @NewfangledGames @clrfnd @yo_ka_ze ANTONBLAST
by @Summitsphere

Pure fun and extremely polished. A 2D action platformer with smooth pixel art and lots of explosions.
Smashing your way through the sprawling environments reminded me of the Wario Land series, and the visuals have cartoony Crash Bandicoot energy.

It's kinda nutty to think that the Dreamcast has 600 games and was only out for just over 2 years.

They released 4 vs. Capcom games in that timeframe!

Kirby Right Back At Ya! Blu-Ray announced for Japan. Looks very clean

Buying a dab instructor from this year's ASDA catalog be like...
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Splatoon 3 Direct review

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Introducing your new hosts, Deep Cut!

They're an incredibly popular trio who host the Splatsville news program Anarchy Splatcast. They’ll provide the latest news and info on the current battle stages.

Table Turf Battle?!? I think I've found my main mode in Splatoon 3

Alright, it's time for Splatoon 3. And you can watch @KawlunDram and I react to it here: youtube.com/watch?v=vC6skkHYhY

With Wano possibly ending in the next chapter of One Piece, I hope we get an update on Drake. I can't imagine he died like Hawkins did and he would be a good avenue to let us know what happened with Coby vs. Hancock.

One Piece fans might need to come to the realization that, just maybe, Luffy was the only one to receive a bounty increase and all the Straw Hats remained the same.

I can't believe took one of the jazziest songs in the series and decided to remix it by upping the Sax on it even more.

Did the Mario Kart band get ahold of it or something?

Everyone talking about Noah, Eunie, Mio, etc and not the real chad of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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It's Joyce from @asduskfallsgame !

Join me and @AcushlaTara to find out how she became the face of Joyce and how to follow in her footsteps and enter the gaming industry for yourself!


Given that Nintendo really lacks a major 2D Fighting Game exclusive, it would be pretty swell if Arc Sys worked with them to fill that gap.
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Arc System Works CEO Minoru Kidooka wants the company to be less passive about working with licensed IPs

"We need to expand [FGCs] through IP"

"If we have such an opportunity, we are actively pushing to collaborate with new IP owners"


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