@Dananner yes, was ib a classic moviss binge, sprinkled by some dog videos

*peeks in*
*looks around*
*wonders if she missed anything exciting*

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@rriemann @kgerloff @alsternerd @EU_Commission for now I see that often people problematic at home are shifted to EP/EU level

The more news I get access to the list countries are left on Earth where I could or would travel as a tourist with conscience

#Pol #Canada #Boarder 

The new plans of the Canadian government is further endangering Travelers and citizens rights to privacy. According to the proposed new legislation border agents can the team your devices based on gut feelings or whether they like you or not.

@Dananner there are times when I also feel silent and withdrawn and just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for like years. take care of your mental health too

@Dananner hang in there. I plan a lilbreak from soc media and news. Too many things out there to get fed up.

@nickspacek @Tourma @mrbitterness I was using dockduckgo before I saw this article. now I'm on a market for something else where I don't have to battle with puzzles to browse every 5 minutes because I prefer Vpn Over ISP

@nickspacek @Tourma @mrbitterness because anyone with a sense of security would use a VPN if they are Lektionen open WiFi or uses company Networks

@nickspacek @Tourma @mrbitterness sorry even if it's a legitimate complaint it makes my user experience unbearable so I'm not using it find a better solution


In Predator spyware on the devices of journalists. Oopsie.
I do wonder if the government had anything to do with that

@Tourma @mrbitterness i dislike firefox. All the recaptia when you use a vpn

I feel so damn fed up.... time to watch some fun show to unwind

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