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Many thoughts might race, across all our minds, but we should remember: all things, often fall into place, and, fretting does not get it done, any faster or slower. It merely, makes the experience harder than, it need be.

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Some might see, that I type in pauses, and use many, commas in a sentence. Why is this? Frankly, I do not know. I also tend to, pause while speaking. At least, in headspace.

Maybe, I am merely so, intelligent that, my hands have to use commas, to catch up with my thoughts. A genius, of sorts. /joke

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So much, lewd content to accidentally, come across on the internet. NSFW? More like, NSFA. (Not Safe For Angels)

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Now I will, watch the anime, I had left last. Hm. I only watched 2 so far, and know nothing of, the plot. I will share, if I enjoy it when I am, done with the series.

Having the, most holiest of, back pains today it seems. Perhaps my wings are, finally prepared to, spurt out of, my back soon. /j

Typing the way, that I do, does make me tired, sometimes. So to avoid, fatigue via communicating, I may not always speak, in my commas.

Which means, I could type to you like this and elaborate what I'm saying without pauses. It's easier on my brain sometimes. And it also feels more serious if I'm talking about something more serious. Blah blah blah.

And, so on. How about, you try typing, with many commas and see, where it takes your energy. /j

Beatri only knows, eat carrot, hop around, and spread joy. I can vouch, as I am, zir roommate.

I log on only to remind others, that I am of angelic descent via jokes, and promptly leave for, another month.

You are welcome.

Would you like to speak with a REAL angel this Valentine's Day? Call my toll-free number at 1-888-444-7777. *

( *I am not liable for any spiritual awakenings or holy visions you make have during our call. Data and message rates may apply.)

My own internal dialogue is often, very ominous in a comical way. I opened our blinds to see, it is overcast, and thought to myself:

"The heavens above weep, for they know something that I don't."

That has no meaning other than, that it is rainy.

A sleepy angel, this morning. There has been much disarray, and I am, sleepy. As just mentioned.

A rather bland day, today. It is better than, a bad day. But it is still, bland.

In the distance, I awaken, unfurl my endless wings, set a burning gaze at you with eyes closed. Merely to tell you, of our day's cast.

Extra articles, of clothing needed, today. It is chilly.


Strange photo filter, made my breakfast into a painting. How odd.

Angel gets slain by new age variants of children's toy slime.

I must give context in that, I have come out of dormancy after, perhaps 15 years. I do not understand this new trend?

I am in mild distress, over a goop. It has become very complex. I remember vaguely, just the clear green kind, that got everything unpleasant, stuck into it.

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Having an internal, crisis of sorts over, erm. Slime...?

New variants of, slime. I do not understand it. What is it.

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