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"Manchin said Sunday that the filibuster “makes us work together” and that he does not support an exception for the voting bills."

Nonsense. The filibuster doesn't force anyone to do anything. Republicanism and bad-faith are synonymous. You can't work with people who consistently misrepresent your position and refuse to acknowledge reality.

The widespread restrictions on voting promulgated by Republicans wanting to cheat themselves into office are raw power grabs. Some of the provisions, like the one allowing political entities to dictate the election outcome instead of the voters, are particularly dangerous. Federal voter protection legislation must be passed. There's no way to do it without a filibuster carve-out and Manchin knows that.

Dozens of legislators from other states to join Texas lawmakers in D.C. to lobby for voting bills:

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People who can be vaccinated and refuse: you are the ones ruining the economy. Your refusal to wear masks at the beginning and to do so where you need to now along with your refusal to do the one simple thing that can make a real difference here is the actual thing that's impacting jobs and businesses' abilities to return to some semblance of normal.

For those of us who embrace science, appreciate the fine minds that work to make life safer, who isolated ourselves for 15 months, gave up holiday celebrations with family, wore our masks, made do with what we had until a vaccine was made available, and then got it, thank you.

For the others screaming "freedom", denouncing Fauci and the CDC, sniggering at the medical community, and misusing the First Amendment, you are the cause for this setback.  

You own it.

With new vaccine and mask requirements, businesses scramble to respond to delta variant and shifting health guidance"

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In the past I would never send a "❤️" emoji to my parents within a message but I've changed that the past year and I gotta say I think they appreciate it very much, at least my mom does :blobhappy:

It's such a small thing but makes a huge difference for them.. And don't forget, time is always ticking and it's only getting less and less

If you're parents are still around and you are in touch take the time for them once in a while, it goes a long way and saves you from a lot of regret in the end

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We had a string of very good news for a while. Some sobering news was bound to come back. Now the challenge is to digest it and respond reasonably.

The vaccines still are effective, especially against serious disease, hospitalization and death. We have a vaccine that has a roughly 64-85% efficacy against Delta (depending on the study you look at). The main danger is to the unvaccinated.

Masking indoors is a reasonable action even if you're vaccinated right now if you're in an area where vaccination is low, Delta cases are high, and especially in crowded environments or if you're around compromised or unvaccinated populations.

There's still much more good news than bad news for those who've gotten themselves fully vaccinated.

If you want to be past masks and other potential, much worse consequences, the best way is still to get vaccinated. #VaccinesWork #VaccinesSaveLives

Plan Your Vaccine:

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Biden showing us how a President can actually make a deal. And showing us what an actual infrastructure week looks like.

If this ultimately passes, it is entirely because we have President Joe Biden. When your roads get fixed, you can thank Joe. The GOP had four years with the former guy and couldn't even get one bill together.

Investing back into America's infrastructure, to pay future dividends, is the best example of placing America and its people first. #BuildBackBetter

Here’s how the bipartisan infrastructure deal would invest $280 billion in transportation:

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And for the unhinged who are suddenly yelling about your freedoms or something, this is literally because of you.

Yes, there are people who, for valid medical reasons, cannot get vaccinated or for whom the protection will not be as high. These are generally immunocompromised people or people being treated for a serious illness. That's why everyone else who can needs to do it.

Almost one in every 500 Americans have died from Covid in the past year and a half. 

The more hosts a disease has, the more it can mutate and become more deadly. Are you a fan of infections? Or you like seeing people wearing masks everywhere?

Get over it. Get vaxxed. It's the smart, patriotic, and mature thing to do. 

CDC wants vaccinated Americans to wear masks indoors in Covid hot spots: politico.com/news/2021/07/27/c

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This isn't the only story about this today and as far as mandates go, it's time.

We've waited long enough.

When car seat belt use was first required, some folks went berserk --- "You can't tell me what to do. Seat belts are dangerous. What if my car stalls on railroad tracks with a train coming and I can't release the buckle?" Of course, it was all B.S. and they finally shut up.

Second, much later, when smoking indoors in restaurants, on airplanes, etc. was finally prohibited, some folks went berserk again --- "You can't tell me what to do. I need to smoke to enjoy a meal." Etc., etc., etc.

In the first case, people were hurting mostly themselves. In the second, themselves and others.

And now here we go again, with the current batch of anti-sense people yelling their heads off about their "freedom." Time to mandate vaccinations so we can all move on with our lives.

California to require proof of vaccination for state workers, all health care workers:

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Bipartisan infrastructure negotiations have hit another roadblock, as Senate Democrats continue to work on a backup plan for President Biden’s biggest legislative priority.

don't see how they can not pass a critical infrastructure bill with reconciliation (nuclear, bridges, ports, dams)

same with other stuff less critical in a following number of smaller chunks


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So basically, their claim that enhanced unemployment benefits were causing people to stay home was a lie. Shocking.

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"The 20 states that reduced benefits in June had the same hiring numbers as the mostly Democrat-led states that kept the extra $300-a-week unemployment payments in place."

As we all knew, the extra unemployment benefits were not the problem in people not returning to work.

The Republican record of being outright wrong about anything they touch is astounding. 


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Republicans were pushing anti-vaccine disinformation because they thought people would blame Biden when there was a new surge and they could use that to make gains in the next elections.

The last few days, they u-turned on that narrative only to protect their own skin: they know now people are correctly blaming anti-vaxxers for the surge. Their constituents are the ones that are going to suffer the most because they are the ones who are unvaccinated, but the reason that they are unvaccinated is because of those same Republican leaders.

Shame on Republicans for trying to damage the public health (and the economy) by telling people not to get vaccinated and causing the pandemic to persist. And further shame on them for trying to override the will of the people and the elected officials in our government who truly did help and continue to. #GetVaccinated #VoteRepublicansOut

As coronavirus surges, GOP lawmakers are moving to limit public health powers:

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