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The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is easily the most inaccurately named utility company in history.

ERCOT: "We weren't set up for cold temperatures here in Texas."

Also ERCOT: "We weren't set up for hot temperatures here in Texas."

ERCOT is a failure of the Texas GOP. The people in leadership aren't equipped to fix it. #FlipTexasBlue

Texas grid operator urges electricity conservation as many power generators are unexpectedly offline and temperatures rise-

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Reminder: If Democrats had not won both Senate seats in Georgia, none of this would be happening. Don’t let anyone tell you your vote doesn’t matter or that nothing is getting done.

Congratulations, Judge Jackson. Diversity in people and experience in our courts is extremely important. #ElectionsMatter #VoteBlue

Senate Confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson for Powerful Appeals Court-

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Chipotle wants to increase the cost of a burrito by 4%. I've never eaten at a Chipotle, but if I did, I'd gladly pay about 40 cents more if it meant employees could get paid something decent.

However, Republicans are complaining about this as an affect of a pandemic relief policy?

The CEO of Chipotle, Brian Niccol, was paid $38 million in 2020. That was a big raise over the $33 million he made in 2019. Niccol 's compensation was 2,898 times more than the median Chipotle worker's $13,127 salary in 2020. Did anyone hear any Republicans complaining about how Niccol's compensation impacted the price of a burrito? Neither did I.

Take a cut from the salaries the CEO's of these companies. Burritos don't have to go up one cent.


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We know we need to help elect more Democrats across the country to protect and advance rights and progress. Republicans don't like losing and they're desperately trying everything they can think of to not lose more. Massive voter turnout to elect Democrats must continue.

That's where we come in.

I post almost daily about actions we can take to help. One of my favorite ways to help get out the vote is writing postcards to voters.

They're fun, easy, inexpensive, and work. Here's a few ways we can get involved now and help voter turnout max out by writing them. #GOTV #CallToAction :CTA: 1/4

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Sign up here to send postcards to swing voters across the country. This is a big campaign that will make a difference.

They’ll send you everything you need but the stamps. They're reminding voters to make sure they are registered and ready to vote.

Voters who receive handwritten postcards are significantly more likely to vote. We proved it in 2020. You’ll be reaching voters in states with critical elections in 2021 and 2022. 2021 and 2022 elections are as important as 2020 was.
#SaveDemocracyWritePostcards 2/4

Postcards to Swing States - Progressive Turnout Project-

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Have vote-themed postcards at home or can you make your own? Sign up here to write 25 postcards to high potential Native Voters in Arizona.

This program has been shown to be highly effective in increasing turnout for marginalized Arizona Native voters. Arizona voters are being targeted for voter suppression and need good information.
#CallToAction #GOTV #SaveDemocracyWritePostcards

Post Cards to High Potential Native Voters · AZ Native Organizing Campaign:

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In keeping with the postcarding theme, Building Bridges hosts weekly postcarding parties happening every Sunday. Building Bridges is a grassroots organization started by former Pete Buttigieg volunteers.

And for those of you in “redder” areas, you’ll be happy to note that organizers hail from states including Indiana and Nebraska. They're a fun group and really great at messaging.

Let's not wait for 2024. Let's stay consistently active in our work to build alliances and get out the vote. That's how we win. 4/4 :CTA:

Sunday Call to Action and Social · Building Bridges for America:

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The population of elephant in Serengeti National Park increased from 6,000 in 2014 to more than 7,000 in 2020, according to the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute.

The population of buffaloes in the same park increased from over 50,000 to 60,100 during the same period.

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Hello meow! Good morning world! :blobcatwave: :blobcathearts: I wish you a wonderful day😻

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Heroic action by these educators and groups like the Zinn Project. Education without challenging ideas isn’t education. It’s indoctrination.

Officially banning American history lessons and conversations that address systematic and institutional racism in schoois is, well... systematic racism, perfectly illustrated.

We all need to unite around the truth. That's the only way forward.

Analysis | Teachers across the country protest laws restricting lessons on racism-

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What ports will you be visiting on your Covid cruise?  

Thanks to the ridiculous governor of Florida, your next expensive boat vacation will be a cruise around in a circle for a week and then back. No other country is going to allow people to get off that boat if it’s teaming with coronavirus.

So the GOP is targeting one of the only true constituencies they have - businesses.

Gotta say, if I was a political strategist working for them, I'm not sure I'd have advised that. But hey, go nuts.

Titanic clash pits DeSantis against potent cruise industry as it prepares to restart miamiherald.com/news/business/

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No matter where we live, or what our Senators have already said, Stacey Abrams is asking us to call our Senators every day in June to demand that they pass the For The People Act.

You can call 888-453-3211 and get automatically connected to both of your Senators. Please call daily to keep the pressure on. Do it for our voting rights. Do it for Stacey. They give you talking points before you're connected.

THREAD 1/4 #FairFightAction #ForThePeopleAct #HotCallSummer 📱☎️📞 :CTA:
Group led by Stacey Abrams launches campaign for voting rights bill- cbsnews.com/news/stacey-abrams

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And/or join Fair Fight Action’s text bank days of action on June 11, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22 and 23 to ask voters in key states to call their Senators about the For The People Act. If you have not already attended Fair Fight’s text training on the new text platform, Impactive, sign up for a training here for everything you’ll need to join one of these text banks.

Fair Fight Text Training -

Text Bank Sign-up - mobilize.us/fairfight/?end_dat

Taking action can be challenging, but there's no replacement for it and it works.

I'd rather make calls now and save our votes than try to do it after the fact. #FairFightAction #ForThePeople

4/4, End Thread.

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