#Bitcoin #Mining Will Soon Pump Out More #Carbon Than Czech Republic, New Study Says

In this new study, the researchers argue that the energy consumption of bitcoin could undermine global sustainability efforts unless stringent regulations and policy changes are introduced promptly.


#ClimateCrisis #Energy #Capitalism

Says it all. Cops Kill Black people. All it takes to get is be Black and not dead yet. ... ad infinitum...

@dirtbag_anarchist hey, I nuked my old account by accident. do you mind boosting this? trying to re-federate and re-connect with everyone

Re: 's murderer. No excuses. She simply lied like they trained her to do.


FYI... The independent IBEW is under continual attack by the predatory AFL-CIO Communication Workers of America 'union' much in the way the Teamsters 'operating engineers' predate on Longshoreman's contracts.

The I mistook my 10 oz Taser for a 2 lb pistol story has gotten a bit repetitive over the years, and it's ALWAYS a lie. But The Onion HAZ the solution!

"Police Department To Avoid Future Errors By Replacing All Equipment Officers Carry With Guns" theonion.com/police-department

From a founder of the posted today. Hy Thurman is still active organizing working class southern white youths. This is the organization ignorantly (or perhaps on purpose as a historic revisionism ploy) told political comedian Jimmy Dore live on TV, was a group, and Fred Hampton collaborated with such, because the YLs delivered a group of Chicago youths to Hampton for a talk and the was a confederate symbol in the background. facebook.com/100002511994174/p

“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”

— Carl Sagan

#quote #CarlSagan

Visualization of climate change, deforestation, urbanization and much more!

Melting glaciers and dwindling forests ... Google's latest feature, #Timelapse, is an eye opening tool, that provides visual clues of how much #Earth has changed due to #climate #change and #human behaviour.

Removing elements such as clouds and shadows, they created a vivid time-lapse from footage taken since 1984.

Great hint from: @DigitalOffgrider


"Rapid testing in England may be scaled back over false positives"

Per FDA Dox, if .01% of a population actually shows Diagnosable Symptoms of Sars-Cov-2 (650 of 65,000 for example) the quicktest produces NINETY SIX PERCENT False Positives. IOW, All numbers regarding cases of Covid-19 are inflated by a factor of 9x+-, and it also makes it impossible to judge ANY efficacy of the vaccine's ability to prevent or 'cure' Sars-Cov-2.

FDA dox fda.gov/medical-devices/letter

Apparently since it's the topic of the day, and Americans need reminded that the political depth in this country. Looks like a cheap plastic shallow pool full, of low grade crystal meth.

Even the Global NeoLiberal party cannot subscribe to the American DNC. Because it is that right wing. And NeoLiberalism is considered a very right wing ideology.

Oh, and they consider the RNC to be outright NeoNazi's at this point...

Other countries also register the American flag as a Swastika.

Alleged unexploited XSS vuln in email service fixed (March 25 2021)

"We would like to inform you that we have fixed an XSS vulnerability in Tutanota, which was detected during a regular security review ... The vulnerability was introduced while improving the appearance of an intermediate site displayed during the credit card 3D Secure setup ... No attempts to exploit the vulnerability are known to date. You can find details on our blog." tutanota.com/blog/posts/securi

The #InfluenceIndustry Long List: The Business of Your Data and Your Vote. This updated list contains 500 companies working with personal #data to support political campaigns, from digital consultants to data brokers. Find out more and view the full list: ourdataourselves.tacticaltech.

“It is the heart of U.S. policy to use fascism to preserve capitalism, while claiming to be saving democracy from communism.” - Michael Parenti

"Internal NYPD documents shed new light on the Strategic Response Group, or SRG, the heavily militarized police unit behind the crackdown on George Floyd protesters.

Exclusive: Inside ’s Response to Protests

Ie. The NYPD's new variation on the 1960s/70s "Red Squad", Bureau of Special Services... See <newyorker.com/culture/the-fron>

Why would you turn yourself into a pickle? :picklerick:


Nothing to see here, the news is broken it seems. :blobcatderpy:

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