#EuropeDay will be all about the Union of the future.

A year-long journey that brought thousands of EU citizens together will culminate next week.

49 proposals of the Conference on the Future of Europe will be presented to the EU institutions' Presidents.


There's a lot that has been posted about people migrating from ...

And I've posted a lot too and I'll *try* and make this the last.

But people have commented on how the lack of algorithms make the experience on instances different to Twitter.

They say you won't have the audience/reach that you have an Twitter and here it is more about being social and sharing ideas.

They say the big personality and argumentative shtick will not work here. ...

It's International Workers' Day #IWD2022.

🛑The EU's #FundamentalRights Charter underlines solidarity & protects workers’ rights. It drives a strong, inclusive, fair & social Europe.

Apply the Charter. Deliver our rights.

Learn how to shape EU policy with the European Citizens’ Initiative.

🗓️ Join our webinar on 3 May at 18.00 CET
✍🏻 Register here → europa.eu/!yqXFdJ
📣 Make your voice heard!


Wo seht ihr euch in zwei Wochen?

Boost wäre nett.

RT @EU_Commission: We promised to defend better journalists and human rights defenders against those that try to silence them.

Today, we are taking action against abusive court proceedings to improve the protection of those who take risks and speak up when the public interest is at stake.

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/JHahnEU/status/15195

The upshot is that once you have built up a network of followers and followees (you know what I mean), your "Home" will be pretty much like Twitter was - full of toots and boosts from your followees. "Local" shows toots from people in your instance and "Federated" is like a firehose of randomness blasting your eyeballs apart.

RT @ManfredWeber: Our democracies are built on the freedom of media. In order to protect these key parts of our European way of life, we must better protect journalists against abusive lawsuits. Well done @RobertaMetsola @DavidCasaMEP & others who fought hard for this important proposal! #SLAPPs

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/EPPGroup/status/1519

#EDPS launches pilot phase of two new social media platforms: #EUVoice and #EUVideo.
Based on decentralised, free, Open-Source & privacy-oriented @joinmastodon@twitter.com and @joinpeertube@twitter.com, they connect EU institutions with users of the #Fediverse
👉Press Release europa.eu/!8x4DBn

Proud to be part of the @EU_EDPS@twitter.com-led pilot of the #privacy-compliant social media platforms on @joinmastodon@twitter.com @joinpeertube@twitter.com.

EU Voice & EU Video offers users an alternative way to engage with the EU prioritising #DataProtection & privacy.

For more, see:

Important information for Ukrainian researchers 👩‍🔬🇺🇦

We have launched ERA4Ukraine, a one-stop-shop portal for you with all relevant information on:

→ job opportunities
→ diploma recognition
→ housing
→ web support and information


Whilst Elon Musk is spending billions on a social platform for his own pleasure I am raising money to buy much needed supplies for centres in . I will be part of a team that will travel to Poland, probably as far as the border with , to take supplies to the centres. We will take stuff that we have previously collected or otherwise sourced and buy when we get closer. To , please use the link - thank you.


Hello Twitter refugees! Allow me to teach you about one of the things that makes Mastodon much chiller: the CONTENT WARNING. 

Here on Mastodon, we have a thing called a Content Warning, or a CW for short. It's a button at the bottom of the new toot box. When you hit it, it will add a new text box above the new toot box; whatever's in the main box will now be hidden behind whatever you type in the upper box, with a "SHOW MORE" button like this toot has.

We use this to hide anything we think will make our friends unhappy to read. So if you're posting about something that an American politician did that made you angry, you might give it a CW of "uspol". There's an additional subtlety that's evolved; a lot of the time we'll follow a CW with a +/- in parenthesis - "uspol (-)" would be bad news, "uspol (+)" would be good.

This lets Mastodon function as a place for more measured discussion; you can CHOOSE to engage with whatever bullshit the world is throwing at you this morning, instead of forcibly having your attempt to catch up with your friends interrupted by a million retweets of today's shitty news with a big photograph of that asshole who made that shitty news staring at you from the preview card. Not ready to deal with whatever bullshit's going on yet today? Don't click those "show more" buttons, keep scrolling, say something nice to your friends instead.

Different instances have different rules about what you MUST CW; the only requirement on my instance is politics. Check /about/more on your instance for their rules, see what they would like you to put this safety valve in front of.

Why capitalise multi-word hashtags?

Because screen readers cannot distinguish between words unless you do. They just spell out the (to them) single word. Just imagine if all your words were spelled to you instead of spoken.

This is like driving abroad. It's the same and yet totally different. Bit scared.

Just arrived having been directed here by @MmedeBeauvoir. Will take a bit of getting used to but I am looking forward to the adventure.


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