Why capitalise multi-word hashtags?

Because screen readers cannot distinguish between words unless you do. They just spell out the (to them) single word. Just imagine if all your words were spelled to you instead of spoken.

@Philthy12 What about single word hashtags ? Should we use, for example, #video or #Video ? If I understand well, it doesn't really matter for single word hashtags, then ?
But maybe one way is better than the other ?

@Philthy12 I guess we should capitalise everything, then…

@Philthy12 Thank you for this reminder. I had completely forgotten this.

@Philthy12 Doing that for users of screen readers alone is a good enough reason. And also, even as someone who doesn't use a screen reader, I find camel case hashtags easier to read! I've been doing it for years without even realizing it would help screen reader users.

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