We at PlantingSpace are happy to sponsor innovative Julia libraries which help our cause. Check out our current sponsorees: github.com/0x0f0f0f/Metatheory and github.com/cscherrer/MeasureTh

We are hiring researchers in Category Theory and Bayesian Inference! Reach out to join us, or recommend a friend.

Deep into category theoretic structures and interested to apply your understanding?

Working on Bayesian inference algorithms, but wish they could be part of a more solid model framework?


Are you or someone you know good at coding and like Julia or AI? Make sure to check out planting.space/joinus/

Unveiling our new website at planting.space.
Come visit (best on desktop) to learn more about our goal, and check out the first few open positions!
All design work has been done by Aubo Lessi, a member of the PlantingSpace team.

PlantingSpace is now turning its focus fully to the company's main project: the next frontier of AI.
Updates on our Open Reviews work will now move to twitter.com/openreviews_net as well as the ORA website open-reviews.net.
Our organisational concept, Broadleaf, will continue to be an integral part of PlantingSpace - stay tuned to read more about it in future posts.

Want to allow your website users to read and write open reviews, but have no time for development? Just paste in an HTML snippet to make use of our new, customisable web widget: open-reviews.net/technology/wi

Open Reviews code (Mangrove) has moved to its permanent home in the Open Reviews Association org on GitLab. Find it here now: gitlab.com/open-reviews/mangro

Proud of our Open Reviews project: ORA will hold a keynote speech at , a conference focused on research and industry case studies on tech in travel and tourism.

Several talks and papers are about online reviews data this year. How it can be used to advance our understanding of people's preferences and needs, to ultimately create better services.

ORA contributes the tools to making reviews data open for research and innovation.

Check out the teaser for our talk: youtube.com/watch?v=HHvfhRe9ov

Keen to write some Julia (including open-source) or develop optimization algorithms to shape the future of AI? Join us! We are currently looking for part-time Julia coders and optimization research interns: planting.space/team.html#join-

Online-Bewertungen sind aus dem Tourismus nicht mehr wegzudenken. Desto problematischer ist es, dass diese Daten heute noch immer proprietär sind.

Die Open Reviews Association hat eine OFFENE Alternative entwickelt: Technologie und Bewertungen!

Wir laden alle Tourismusorganisationen ein, diese zukunftsorientierte Technologie anzuwenden und sie mit uns gemeinsam weiterzuentwickeln.


If you are interested in contributing to PlantingSpace projects, check out our bounties board: gitlab.com/plantingspace/broad We aim to post more there in the coming months (click the bell icon to add issue notifications).

Great that we had the chance to present the tech we built to bring reviews to the world at SotM 2020, OpenStreetMap's annual conference.

You can watch the speech online now:


We are announcing the foundation of the Open Reviews Association!

Non-profit, Swiss-based, it will serve as custodian for the Mangrove technology we developed, and for the set of reviews.

A place to connect and coordinate our activities.

Come join to support this movement: open-reviews.net

As we are discussing potential integrations for Mangrove open reviews, we have been also developing the first building blocks of Taiga infrastructure. Category theoretic concepts are essential to the design of the structure of these elements and the connections between them.

Breathtaking nature, hospitality, and culinary delights: check out our newest user's recommendations for Argentina and Uruguay: mangrove.reviews/list?kid=----

Join the community to share your insights and experiences freely in a global set for reviews.

Do you have an app or website that could benefit from allowing users to read/write reviews? Use Mangrove's free and open source infrastructure to do that :)

4 reasons for leaving proprietary review platforms behind, and 1 tool to make it happen. Check out our release blog post for the Mangrove beta web app:

Just released the first building blocks to make integration with Mangrove easy: 1) JS client library js.mangrove.reviews & 2) API documentation docs.mangrove.reviews. These two allow you to generate, submit, and retrieve reviews from the open dataset.

We just released the Mangrove demo web app 🚀

You can read and write reviews and upload pictures for restaurants, hotels, touristic sites and other places on the map, as well as for companies, websites and books.

Join the ecosystem for and integrate Mangrove into your application or website. mangrove.reviews

Online reviews are increasingly powerful data that can help people make better decisions. It should be openly accessible so that more can benefit and develop new technologies without barriers to entry. In this article PlantingSpace founder Dina writes about its potential and how we are going about creating an open reviews ecosystem.


Working hard on first Mangrove demo, allowing to test basic functionality soon: review restaurants and other places, companies, websites, and books. Move your earlier reviews from proprietary services to the commons with freeyourstuff.cc

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