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What if we kissed on the Nintendo DSi bench? 😳

These became popular during the same period as Big Chungus

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Remember the void memes from December 2018? Yeah, let's not do that AGAIN

Imagine arguing with someone and they shapeshift into a Rihanna sassy reaction gif, this is the future liberals at bird site want, spread awareness.

My father has been learning HTML and just a while ago I found him using "inspect element" on a website. Bless his soul.

When my brother pre-ordered the game, he got a t-shirt not this!

Comments in a thread about a guy who attacked protesters with a crossbow, for some reason.

Why so many new registrations on all of a sudden?

Went to a game's wiki to learn about a game mechanic I was having trouble understanding and got spoiled about the biggest plot twist with no prior warning.

Fandom wikis were a mistake.

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I'm thinking "fuck it, Ubuntu it is" but wouldn't that make me a basic bitch If I'm not using a linux distro named after a sci-fi spaceship? :thaenkin:

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I did not consciously choose to have Windows 8.1 on my machine but thats how I have to live.

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Been thinking about which linux distro to use on my laptop once Windows 8.1 gets the best of it.

In case of an alien invasion, we should only counter attack once they have killed more people than the flu does in a year.

There's a speedrung for making your bed what the hell

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