I just love it when I have to compile a program myself and it somehow manages to not use my system libraries, causing incompatibilities between SDL versions and features.

fuck you, ryujinx

when I'm using wine, I always click on "send data to Microsoft", out of spite

I don't know why, but griffin from men in black 3 just gives me serious @schratze vibes. Doesn't help that the guy basically has 5-dimensional ADHD with time travel.


if Christianity really is monotheistic, why is it the holy trinity and not the holy unity?

fun fact: the mp3 standard is called that because it's the mpeg audio layer 3. mpeg is the name of the standardization group, the moving pictures expert group.

So the most popular audio format is called moving pictures 3. Better than being named after a witch I guess.

Unicode calendar dates could be cool.

It could be defined as :date:2022:08:14: and clients then have to display the date inside the 📆 or 📅 emoji.


stranger danger - others are strangerous.

"got a problem with authority" my ass. You think it's normal to take orders without questioning them?

So I just found out that the german dub of "Once upon a time… life" (Es war einmal das Leben) was critized for having a line with hidden antisemtic messaging by someone named Niggemeier.


shitpost, but with a kernel of truth 

Celeste is just getting over it, but cooler (literally)

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playing Celeste is like:

fuck I died
fuck no
FUCK YES, WHOOO I AM A GOD ah shit I died again

excrement pole 

hmm why do so many domain names on .live end with an a? like ihatebeinga and nota. Maybe it's italian? 🤔

shitpost, grammar ig 

1922: I have a name, use it.
2022: I have pronouns, use they/them.
2122: I have prepositions, use before/by.

TOP 10 spots in my body that hurt right now - Nr. 7 will SHOCK you

isn't every output simultaneously an input and vice-versa? For something to be put outside, it has to be put *into* outside, and something going into something else has to come *out* of something first. It's all just a matter of perspective!

No, I'm not high right now, shuttup.

my throat literally hurts from debugging this, not even a joke

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update: I fixed it by moving the event function initialization to after I moved the element into the document.

I fucking hate javascript so much it's not even funny anymore.

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I have no idea what this means and how to fix it

I want to die

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I'm actually literally screaming at my javascript code rn

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