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if you ever have a problem with me,

take a chill pill I meant no ill will

also sorry

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Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, even Ungoogled Chromium - these are no Chrome alternatives! They're still fucking Chrome!!

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if you need me to write 7 pages worth of verbal abuse towards a company, hit me up, I'm good at that.

did my first night drive today and the exhaust broke 💀 feeling like I've upset everyone in a 2km radius with my bellowing car rn

when people sing happy birthday for you, do you:

this is probably the best post I've ever published. I don't want this to be my peak, but that might very well be it.

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adhd is mislabeled imo. It's not an attention deficit per se, but an attention misdirect.

Neurotypical attention is like a car, easily steerable and can go anywhere where there's a road.

ADHD attention is like a train, but without the tracks. Little steering if any at all, you just plunge into whatever's ahead. Incredibly hard to get rolling and then stop again.

mfers be buying the 'absolute silence' version of a PC, throttle the fans via MSi afterburner and then listen to white noise through their headphones.

my door went yellow in grab height… eww

So I've been testing a bit…

also the bug report system of chromium is down it seems…

Also my voice is major cringe material imo, I won't watch this one more time before posting >:(

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in recent news, I've found another bug with 's implementation of /

no idea what it's caused by yet, but firefox doesn't do that and I certainly didn't intend it.

finally got a shitposting acc ( @reidler ) so I don't have to shit my posts here.

Ich möcht kurz wissen wie viele von euch nicht-Österreichern wissen, was ein "Heferl" im Österreichischen heißt.

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