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(repost to avoid hijacking another post, and @ArneBab)
Whatever this is, it sounds bad. And I only stumbled over it by accident, I've never heard anyone else talk about this issue:

I love that yuzu calls its users "yuz-ers". It's cute I think.

I just tried benchmarking my vulkan performance with vkmark:
- crashes with wayland backend
- …okay let's try the XWayland backend
- …hmm okay, but there surely can't go anything wrong if I select the KMS backend.

Yeah, I had to reboot.

My new multi-million-dollar idea: Gothhub.

It's just like GitHub, but instead of code, it's goth people. Every new piercing and/or tatoo is a commit to master, every outfit is a separate branch.

No need to thank me, you're free to implement this idea :P

I just searched a song up with shazam, only to realize it was the powerpuff girls' intro.

People that complain about errors in wikipedia articles and don't correct them are part of the problem.

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guys i need help for a script
how do you edit a crontab so a script run every first sunday of every month?

plz plz plz

My dad has the belief that eggs can be eaten in one bite. And he demonstrated that very convincingly.

so basically Nintendo just announced scratch 2… let's see how this goes!

Played doom for the first time today; the original one. Aside from the fact that the controls are whack, the level design is a fucking maze. I guess it shows that the genre was in its early days back then.

Also, I played like halfway through until I realized how I can enable the stats overlay.

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just found two asshole women at the trainstation that are taking up 5 seats in sum. Talk about manspreading.

The most underrated theme song ever is the opening of the 2012 teenage mutant ninja turtles season 1-4.

alread there:

Although the original poster was more concerned about …nefarious uses of editing without a history.

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social networks that allow editing posts and comments should keep a history of edits - maybe telegram will implement this? I'll open a feature request :)

woke up to the beautiful sounds of my parents arguing over me :/

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#FragDenStaat Anfrage:

Das Kompetenzzentrum #OpenSource Software des "Informationstechnikzentrum Bund"? Es existiert nicht.

Zwar wurde es 2017 eingerichtet, um Behörden in Bezug auf OpenSource zu beraten - aber eine solche Beratung ist schlicht nie passiert, selbst entwickelt haben sie auch nichts.

Fragt man dann offiziell an was sie dort so tun, stellt sich heraus:

"Jahresberichte oder sonstige interne Berichte des Kompetenzzentrums werden nicht geführt."


whoever invented focus stealing should be cursed with ADHD

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