German ramble 

Ich denk der Grund, warum die Bayern die DB am meisten hassen ist, weil sie am nähesten zu unserer überragenden ÖBB sind.

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Happy World Standards Day, a day where the entire world celebrates international standardization... well, the entire world except the US, which celebrates this on October 22nd 😂

(I wish I was kidding)

all of these are real btw, they're all simplifications of various improvements in this month's progress report:

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Dolphin changelog nowadays be like:
> correctly implemented broken behaviour by testing hardware directly and in the process also fixing an unrelated library
> patched a game that had internal bugs, causing incorrect rendering in higher resolutions
> ported undocumented behaviour, used by a single game
> fixed a bug caused by dumb CPU instruction design …in x86
> fixed inefficient memory invalidation by statically analyzing and adjusting the game's code

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Ok so yesterday I decided to start sending e-mails to every website I visit that doesn't comply with #GDPR when using #GoogleAnalytics etc. (things like: "by using this website you agree to...")

And the first one I contacted replied today to tell me it's fixed now 😁 They ended up removing Google Analytics all together.

You should try this too! 😄

BREAKING NEWS: A local student had to install Windows 10 because he could not get Maya to work on Linux. This has, in turn, forced him to clean up his partitions and free up several gigabytes of disk space. We'll be back with all the details after the ad break.

german issues 

Ich hatte nie ein Problem mit seit/seid bis mich jemand darauf aufmerksam gemacht hat, dass man das verwechseln könnte.

no, it still doesn't build for me, but I'm sure I myself messed up something. As with the last few times, I'll have a look at it once I have the time :/

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I think it's truly staggering to see the amount of work being done over at @tenacity - it's just a bunch of people doing this in their free time, yet the project is repaying technical debt like they're millionaires - very inspiring to see what a bunch of programmers with a mission can do!

lamenting about government using external services 

So I just tried to get my "Handy-Signatur", which is part of getting one's digital vaccination certificate, and the only way to get it at 21:30 on a sunday is per video-chat on This is done via an external company, which doesn't seem to care. The dude just straight said that my camera was too bad and I had to use their proprietary app to get approved - bitch, I was able to read my passport through the minified camera view.

private prisons are just slavery centers

Angry toot about local news 

Hab grad rausgefunden, dass der ORF auf der news-seite keine Suchfunktion hat. wtf? Ich wollt eig. nachrichten zu Rauch Fruchtsäfte finden (bin quasi-maintainer des Wikipedia-artikels dazu), aber dann muss ich mir meine quellen wohl woandersher holen. :/ Bin schwer enttäuscht.

Währenddessen hat der Ö1 ein archiv, wo man super rausfinden kann, was man am vortag im Radio gehört hat, was einem so gefallen hat. Respekt für wer auch immer das gemacht hat.

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We've had a lot of low-hanging fruit that's very easy to deal with (such as 'macOS menu bar says "Audacity"':, but we are stretched very thin and are dealing with bigger problems.

I get that contributing to an audio editor is very intimidating. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a team that would deal with such issues.

I love how the pink panther is catered to the respective international audiences - the english version has a laugh track, while the german one has a rhyming (and rather witty) narrator.

So the first step is buying a security card reader. I have no idea what those cost or where to get them, but I imagine you probably have to contact some obscure seller and then give them your firstborn son.

Then you have to install some shady drivers and pray to God that they work on windows 10, start some kind of java webapp (not JavaScript) in internet explorer because all the other browser haven't had java support in a while, and then hope that the government website can communicate with it.

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so I just did a bit of research on how to get a vaccination certificate here in Austria. You have to have a social security card or a digital version of it.

You get the physical version at birth (afaik) and you can get the digital one by going to some place where they can read the physical one - and they even have instructions on how to do it completely by yourself. This is the funny part.


Riedler boosted even if the plastics were recyclable and the lids weren’t aluminum… how many people, especially in a commercial setting, do you reckon will open those things up and remove the filter and grounds so recycling facilities can actually process them? the entire concept of these pods is an environmental sin

wanted to try out doom eternal today… guess I'm gonna have to wait for the 70GB to download :/

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