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(repost to avoid hijacking another post, and @ArneBab)
Whatever this is, it sounds bad. And I only stumbled over it by accident, I've never heard anyone else talk about this issue:

The email also says that debian is actively trying to harm jews, by stating that they're voting to defame richard stallman, who happens to be a jew. I don't know much about the controversy surrounding him, but I do know that nothing of it has to do with his religion. Jews can be assholes too. Their religion doesn't prevent them from doing bad stuff.

They also sent a link with that, so read this if you want to make up your own mind:

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I just got two emails from some poll creation thingie. At least one of them is trying to generate outrage over nothing, I'm pretty sure the other one is too, but idk about that.

So, the second one is basically saying that debian defends nazis, which is bullshit. They even sent some source:
In this text, they only say that they don't care if someone is a nazi, it's not their job to put them in place, and they want to stay out of political stuff.


Just had a thought: If both my phone and my laptop are worth about the same, why are my phone's specs almost double as good as my laptops?
4 cores vs 8 cores
2.7GHz vs 2.8 GHz
okay the laptops battery is ten times larger than my phone's, but I doubt that makes up for the rest.

If anyone knows of some kind of program or script that lets me preconfigure posts for various social media, please let me know. I'm really tired of having to do this manually every time I upload a new track.

challenge: set your default font to Fraktur for a whole day

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Hey website, if you only offer "Allow all cookies" and "Show me all purposes of all cookies and give a lecture about what cookies are and then allow all cookies without a choice" I don't know if you're compliant with any existing regulations.

They say that not many country flags have purple on them because it was a very expensive color for a very long time, but I don't get why they couldn't just mix red and blue, which both are very common on flags. I guess the red and blue colors they had weren't good for mixing? idk man

Why were links called hyperlinks in the early web?

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Let's make a colour together! <3


I love those thingies:

With those, I can seem much more confused. Compare:



day 2 of finding an alternative to openshot: Kdenlive

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whoops, no resolve for me it is.

In my language, we'd say "Ich habs verschrien".

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can't be much worse than openshot though lol

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going to try out davinci resolve instead of openshot soon, since openshot is hot garbage. Hopefully, I can get davinci resolve to install and run properly on my wayland system :welp:

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I sometimes have to remind myself that not everybody sees '!' as a negation sign.

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Thoughts on QOL:
I think there are two aspects of a good quality of life, physically being healthy, and mentally free thinking. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a freethinker is "a person who forms their own ideas and opinions rather than accepting those of other people, especially in religious teaching."
Being a freethinker is the most important thing in my life, it defines who I am and why I am here.
The day I lose my ability to think freely is the day I die.

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Fun fact: If you want to post proof of a prediction without affecting the outcome by revealing it, you can post a unique hash of the text. Then when whatever you predicted happens (or doesn't) you just post the text and anyone can check that it matches the previous hash.

E.g. you could post
"The Suez canal: 12fac09433f6a373019fa2df3a2ad832"

This is the MD5 hash of "The ship will get stuck again"

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