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Whatever this is, it sounds bad. And I only stumbled over it by accident, I've never heard anyone else talk about this issue:

Why are there separate toilets for men & women? I don't get it. Seems unnecessary.

flashy newline, but with a very important message:

Retoots very much appreciated!

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If anyone tries to remake the lord of the rings, I will fucking kill them.

You've won if your emulator starts to run into syncing issues because it's too fast…

dolphin has had this problem twice now lol. It's the best emulator so far, hands down.

when you open your start panel and type "firf" → am I rarted?

The reader will see that in Germany a man may THINK he is a man, but when he comes to look into the matter closely, he is bound to have his doubts; he finds that in sober truth he is a most ridiculous mixture; and if he ends by trying to comfort himself with the thought that he can at least depend on a third of this mess as being manly and masculine, the humiliating second thought will quickly remind him that in this respect he is no better off than any woman or cow in the land.

- Mark Twain

I hate the battalion of crickets right in front of my window. Can't sleep because of those loud mfers

The existence of weak linking implies the existence of strong linking

Genetic stuff ignores the unix philosophy completely, and I hate that.

The C programming language is weird: you can use an integer as an address in memory, but can't bitshift a float.

I believe the corrupted blood incident was a training for the covid pandemic - see you in 2035, when the pandemic will hit that covid was supposed to train us for.

I fear the day when all buttons are on a software layer, apple touch bar style.

pro tip: don't eat an entire box of toffiffee before exercising

movie trailers be like:

So basically, this is the plot of the entire movie. Alright, see you at the cinema, I hope you wont get spoilered :thinkerguns:

"Saying that Java is good because it works on all platforms is like saying anal sex is good because it works on all genders."
- someone on the internet idk

Just found a great alternative to soundcloud:

The website's design is cluttered af, but the function seems to be excatly the same as soundcloud's, except with virtually unlimited storage.

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