You're asking for the equivalent drop-of-the-hat convenience of owning your own car without owning your own car. And they would just make the TSA for the fast rail just as bad. 🥹🥹🥹

@feld this works fine in plenty European countries and China. The reason this isn't possible in US is because it's a failed state.

@yogthos @feld

Ah. So you just mean within like 4 Chinese cities. You are an idiot.

@jmw150 I don't understand: why do you feel compelled to claim that he is an idiot? This transportation system works pretty well in cities such as Paris (France) , Toulouse (France), Helsinki (Finland), Brussels (Belgium) for those I've been able to try ans the one in the Netherlands in quite renown too. There's nothing idiotic there. Even if it worked in only 4 big cities in China (I don't know about that).

@yogthos @feld


@AugierLe42e @jmw150 @yogthos @feld add all major Austrian cities and some Austrian rural areas to that list, our public transit is amazing!

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