it's kinda annoying that when i get a phone call, the options are either

1. it's a robocall intent on either inviting me to some medical test, where either my data will be sold or where i will be advised to undertake expensive unnecessary treatment at a private clinic

2. it's a robocall intent on stealing my bank account

3. it's a call from a delivery person informing me about my online purchase

basically what i'm saying is, if i worked at an online store, i would probably consider _texting_ my clients instead of calling them


@devurandom When I get calls, it's either

1. My Grandparents asking me if and when I have time to visit
2. Pupils, for various reasons, but usually because I called them first, wanting to ask them where the heck they are and they didn't pick up.

That's pretty much it. I haven't received any spam calls yet, and I just text with everyone else (via telegram).

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