making my new homepage & struggling to make my color scheme look good


tagging @freeplay - maybe you have an idea how to make this work better?

· · Web · 1 · 0 · 0 Idk, but honestly the colors from your banner seem really nice, and would keep with the theme

Like using
#bcbcbc for the background and #ae895f for the buttons maybe?

I feel like I would need to design it myself for me to help... I was actually thinking of using your banner w/out the extra text and then the slanted black bit would continue down the page, but it might be too slanted for it to work properly Something like this maybe?

Even though I've realized that it's a completely different design than what you originally wanted lol

@freeplay you're a genious, man!
I'll also add the logo like in the banner, but that'll take some extra work

@freeplay hmm that's a bit much imo. I think I should just keep it at what it was before

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