So I've been testing a bit…

also the bug report system of chromium is down it seems…

Also my voice is major cringe material imo, I won't watch this one more time before posting >:(

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in recent news, I've found another bug with 's implementation of /

no idea what it's caused by yet, but firefox doesn't do that and I certainly didn't intend it.

eye contact with a praying mantis 

found a praying mantis on my front door today. They're so cool :blobaww:

someone should really tell the haskell devs that they can merge packages

I proudly present,

my open letter to those soydevs ruining the web for us rn.

@schratze you already know pepsiverse, now get ready for:

I don't even know what to call this.

trying out new color schemes rn because my irl friends really didn't like the brown one. Feedback would be apprechiated!

Current color scheme in html colors is: 122, 244, 6AA, 8CC, AFF.

nsfw Witz, Bild ist SFW 

Christen, wenn Orgie:

imagine being one of the most notable artists of nightmarish and hellish depictions and looking like a goddamn discworld character lmao

I've prepared a little grid to show you that Metal is just aggressive Jazz. In this Ted Talk, I will

This is conclusive evidence that xanmod is the best linux kernel (on my machine (using this specific benchmark (keeping inaccuracies due to low sample size in mind)))

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