problem with mathematical equations regarding special relativity (GER/DE) 

Irgendetwas funktioniert hier nicht, aber ich hab ka was oder warum :akkosad:

So, recently youtube added a new feature to their channel analytics for creators: I can now see what my viewers search for on youtube.

The top searched term is just 'cow'. Image attached. I feel like they need to adjust this feature a bit lol.

Remembering the time I made my half-IDE use Fraktur for everything.

So… Today, I found out that Harmonica + Guitar Amp + Equalizer = ship horn

Introducing: JavaDarks!

A dark style for (parts of) the java docs. Get it here:

My average commit history when working on a school assignment. Note the amount of bullshittery I have to do.

challenge: set your default font to Fraktur for a whole day

I started the wikipedia userstyle because the only existing ones are all broken in some form. With my style, I want to do everything right from the beginning so it doesn't become a pain to maintain. That's currently the biggest problem with wikipedia deep dark, as far as I know.

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