google translate has an interesting opinion on what busywork is…

translation for the people who don't speak german: "fleißige Arbeit" means diligent work.

@Sterophonick I don't think there's more than 8-player smash.

Also, do you have a steering wheel controller? Maybe a hero guitar?

re: nsfw 

@aster @maddiefuzz that and the users who keep 10 billion tabs open while wondering how Firefox can use that much RAM.

Also, I've tested this, and Firefox seems to be slightly better. Not an order of magnitude, but a noticable amount if you keep track of RAM usage at least.

@a1ba If that's supposed to be Sapphire, whoever made that plush should be ashamed

@kohnzn nicht mehr viel, der vorige Bock ist ausgezogen & jetzt gibt's nur mehr den Bockersatz :/

stoked for. 2040 when we find out that everyone has ADHD and everyone was just masking

@rnd and now in German:

"she usually wears a skirt instead"

@RobinHood yeah, I like trains. My favorite is still the ÖBB Taurus 1 and 2, though the new vectron are also very cool… I stand by my opinion though and still think those are ugly.

@Sterophonick iirc from a discussion over in the yuzu discord, this isn't possible because that'd be redistributing copyrighted compiled computer code.

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Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, even Ungoogled Chromium - these are no Chrome alternatives! They're still fucking Chrome!!

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@juliana If I were kind to myself every time it's someone's birthday, I'd be kind to myself every day.


@maddiefuzz almost forgot to post this even though I waited a long time for this image to become relevant to a thread

if you need me to write 7 pages worth of verbal abuse towards a company, hit me up, I'm good at that.

@freeplay also, if I remember correctly, there's a dedicated color for text in the gnome color scheme.

@freeplay oh, I thought you were using a custom theme and the default theme looked ok.

Well then you're definitely in the right, have you told him that this problem exists with the default theme?

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