@noelle can I put a sticker on my mailbox that says "ads make me horny and I don't like it"?

@schratze @cryptoxic I kinda don't but ok. I'm a webdev, so I'm biased.

@schratze also throwing in a compressor (or a limiter if you're man enough) really makes the whole thing *bop*.

@stellakarasu 90% of my interactions on here is just replying to posts that got boosted by @devurandom or @schratze . Those two practically live on mastodon at this point.

@bgcarlisle what do scroll bars have to do with window managers? GTK and Qt (and similar frameworks) are responsible for those. In other words, the applications themselves, to some extent.


@schratze You're assuming I don't have to correct the text when I type it manually.


Let's not block instanced because people on there disagree with us. Even if they're stupid as fuck. That's how echo chambers happen.

@noelle *jumps out of coffin* sir, I worked myself to death. *goes back in*

@devurandom aaa no not js whyyyy

lua is made for things like this, why tf did they choose javascript???

@devurandom the game is open source, so… You can open a feature request on github.

morbid wish (anticap) 

god I hope musk convinces the 1% including himself to move to mars and one or two of the supply rockets fail (you can only launch a rocket every ~3 years due to orbits and stuff) and they all starve to death.

@stux @catboy for real though, how do you do it? I've barely got enough time to manage myself.

@freeplay aah, that's great to hear. I know the struggle when websites suddenly decide to completely change their design (looking at :angrycry: )


@nova hell yeah I'm into BBW (🅱️arkin 🅱️est Wasabi) (so good you wanna bark) (pls laugh I spent like 10mins on this joke)

@freeplay didn't you have a protonmail userstyle? F.

@Epsi I envy people that can't hear above 20kHz, because there's a lot of devices that make a lot of noise in that frequency range.

@kescher @mjdxp for the rare situation this happens in, just move the mouse to the right side of the page and the scrollbar will appear. magic! I don't get all the fuss.

@DeveloperMemes I don't get the reference, but I do see that this code is quite bad

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