I'm not sure if I've shared this here already, but DangerMouse's esoteric Algorithms still give me a chuckle: dangermouse.net/esoteric/

Latex should be usable as a web page, for academic papers and such. Or just being able to embed it would be nice.

I want to replace systemd, but it's become basically impossible to have a working linux system without systemd :(

CS students be like

}catch(RuntimeException e){}

Just found out how to watch age-restriced videos on youtube without logging & am using it to finally watch the cum zone trilogy.

@Freeplay I like to think that *some* GUIs are pretty neat. Like Gtk, Qt or smth. Not swing. Not tkinter. And definitely not the custom GUI I wrote a year ago for BASAV and Dodge to Drums.

I do like gtk though, that's pretty neat. Qt not so much because they have a critical bug on wayland, but eh. Whatever I guess.

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I've read a few comics by stonetoss today, and now I feel the strong urge to put my own politcal opinions on the internet in a similar way.

That being said, here's a poem about stonetoss:

His artstile is shit, and his humor not funny.
I'd, rather than this, suck the dick of a bunny.

if someone can tell me an alternative to libcanberra, I'd be very glad because that has stopped being developed in 2012 and does gnarly things with pipewire.
Also, the pulseaudio backend is being preferred over the alsa backend, and the latency is killing me.

just got goosebumps from the russian national anthem

reminder to update your AUR helper because pacman got an update and it will likely not be compatible with your helper anymore.

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One of the Fosshost Admins on reddit, less than a week ago:

"For Freenode Limited, IRC users are the product. They will stop at nothing to keep us in the coral and are expressly disrupting our attempts to organize within their platform."


It's funny how quickly one gives up their principles as soon as money gets involved.

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@ninos alternate title: insanely rich people can just not work and be fine

hot take: all banks should have to publicly show the amount of money they owe to people vs. the amount of money they actually have.

@Freeplay 's software setup: (E&OE)
- FoX desktop
- FireFox (or WaterFox, but not IceWeasel)
- Fox audio player
- FoxEditor

anyway, I enabled ccache, so it's a bit less of a big deal.

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What fucking retard forgets to plug in his laptop before letting it compile firefox overnight?


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