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I don't get people that listen to relaxing music for studying. I can concentrate much better with some doom sounding shit in the background.

yo I found an absolutely ancient music project archive. You know what that means. Archive completion time! hahaha

yo @Freeplay please put more of your styles on and I tried recommending your styles to a friend & had to search for like 10 minutes until I got every discord related one.

man, I'd really like to have an option where I can disable automatically connecting to passwordless wifis. Because every time I go to some public place, my phone always connects to some hotspot where you first have to accept the terms and conditions before using it, which means that by connecting to it, it actively cuts my internet connection off.

I still can't get over how epic azerbaijans national anthem sounds.

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I just boosted it, but I want to share it directly.

This is why I'll be likely to continue wearing a mask regularly, whenever I'm indoors or in a crowd of people. I miss LAN parties, and I usually ended up with con-rot after them.

and also grade people on the performance of the implementation, not the amount of similarity to what you've learned.

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I'd also use more abstract questions instead of just "do x and y". For example: write a function that sorts an array of verteces for OGL. As simple as that. That's definitely closer to reality that "implement quickSort with this function header and this return type, also use this library to do that"

2/2 toots

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If I could change two things about the current way we have to take exams, it'd be those two:

Allow people to use search engines. We're in the age of information, and not only will you most definitely be allowed to search something up in a real-world scenario, but it will also be allowed, since employers don't care about how you get the job done, but about what the result is.

1/2 toots because damn do I have to add my 2 cents.

I just realized that git is younger than me and now I'm feeling old. I'm turning 17 next month.

My device doesn't thermal throttle -

because its max frequency is 2.5GHz.

I want to know how viable a JIT-enabled kernel is…

For my german speaking Friendos 

Wenn es heißt Drama → Dramen, wieso heißt es dann nicht Lama → Lamen? Oder Mama → Mamen?

update about the bug in Qt that causes pretty much every Qt program to crash sometimes: they fixed it.

In Qt6 only

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"Why Lichess will always be free"

This is our unbreakable promise to you, our users:

- Lichess will never have ads
- Lichess will never sell our user’s data
- Lichess will always be 100% free of charge


Just got plymouth running, any themes I should check out?

I think the default arch logo one is ugly as shit unfortunately.

rapping is really just rhythmic talking

a joke for all of my german-speaking friends:
Windows mobile ist ARMselig.

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