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Sonic 14


I knew what it was, just not which game it was from. Agh!

Twitter says I can't delete my account because I'm suspended for bot activity. Not surprised, but mildly annoyed.

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You guys have no idea how hard it is to delete & disable all of my compromised accounts :AAAAAA:

also I vow to not use node nor any css or html library, It'd be a simple static-ish website.

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I love FOSS! But do you know what else I love? Fair free market competition.

Would you guys use a website where you could search for a product & see controversies & the conglomerate it belongs to? I've been thinking of making such a site for a looong time because I loathe monopolies and it takes some time to get all the information from wikipedia. But I wouldn't bother if nobody used it.

Today I've learned about the word "wehraboo" and I like it.

I just made a beautiful minimal blog with php, MySQL, HTML5 and trace amounts of js. ~5KiB.

Then my teacher insisted I add bootstrap because that's what the assignment said. Same site, ~150KiB. I hate this. btw, no screenshot nor a running site, but you can look at the code or something, idk.

update: wake-on-lid works again. Might've been a temporary bug in the kernel, idk. wake-on-usb stays though, in case this happens again.

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children's toys should have simple radio transmitters which make them synchronize, so only one at a time can rape my ears.

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#feditips when looking at posts in a hashtag (such as #feditips), you will only see the posts that have already federated with your instance. in fact, most #feditips users will never see this post

Why can't I set my monitor brightness over HDMI or something? You'd think they'd thought of that.

For some reason my laptop suddenly didn't want to wake up from suspend via lid open anymore, so I enabled wake-on-usb via a custom systemd script that writes to some sketchy-ass /sys/bus addresses.

But now it works now again!

aw yeah, here comes the dro-

*youtube starts buffering because it switched to full HD without my consent*

fuuuuck this!

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Reminder to be respectful in open source. I've seen a few bitter comments towards the LMMS dev team (which I'm not a part of). Please don't do that.

The devs are all volunteers, and no matter how slowly LMMS development is moving, it's still better than nothing. Also, everyone is free to switch their DAW of choice.

Let's keep the LMMS community as positive as it usually is!

TIL that ISO isn't just the abbreviation of the International Standards Organisation, but also the latin word for "same". I love whoever did this.

Just reinstalled Windows on my (somewhat) ancient machine and now it runs buttery smooth again. The question is: Why couldn't Windows clean itself up? I mean, the constant stuttering was becoming really annoying.

The fact that the german word for 'yes' and the japanese word for 'no' sound exactly the same is proof that god exists and we are his cheap sitcom.

Wanted to post something negative. Instead, I will say this: I like all of you. Have a neato day!

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